10 Exciting (And Top Secret) Things To Do In Manchester


Manchester is one of the most visited cities in the UK, and whilst tourists go crazy for visiting Old Trafford or the Manchester arena, why wouldn’t we expand the visiting area to places less famous, just as exciting. Even if you live in Manchester you can still discover local gems – this is exactly what we’ve done below.

Next time you’re feeling adventurous why not take a trip to:

1.Islington Mill


A visit to an old cotton mill – but why you might ask!? Well, we think it’s worth giving it a try. The Islington Mill in Salford is a surprising place that hosts exhibitions, live music and great night-out events. You can even find a bed and breakfast there – if the partying continues until the early mornings.

2. Dusk Til Pawn


How to disguise the perfect bar? For starters call it a “Pawn Shop”. This is exactly what Dusk til Pawn did. Step inside this seemingly normal-looking show and be transported to a secret bar with a jukebox. Have I mentioned their amazing cocktails? Give it a go and let us know if you were just as mesmerised as we were.

3. Under New Management


If you like an adventure, are good with a map or just attentive at Siri giving you directions, then *try* to find this bar. Voted one of the most difficult bars to find in the world – Under New Management offers a variety of cool drinks in a very hip setting. Set your GPS to Chapel Street, Salford, and enjoy a great night out!


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If you love chocolate just as much as I do, then you’ll love my next recommendation: Slattery: Patissier & Chocolatier. You need to do a bit of walking to get there, but once you do arrive at the premise, you can reward yourself with plenty of delicacies. Next time in: why not give their delicious banana cake a try? Yum  

5. Kabana Café


Whilst this isn’t necessarily a hidden gem, the cafe does host a secret event. Each month a teh Quarantine theatre company hosts a free event called “No Such Thing”. The event consists of making conversation with a complete stranger. You even get a free curry if you join the fun. So next time you want to meet people outside of the www, make your way to the Kabana Café!

6. Chetham’s Library


Love the smell of books? Want to discover a new novel that will keep you up at night? There’s no better place to exercise your imagination than Chetham’s Library. One of the oldest public libraries in Britain, this library was also the meeting place for theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the library around your favourite books.

  7. Almost Famous Burgers


Almost Famous Burgers is the perfect place to savour real, homemade burgers. You might have some trouble finding the place since there’s no sign on the door. Be brave, once you step inside the venue, you’ll find it hard to resist all the flavours! Definitely one of the best burger places in Manchester.

8. The Temple


Next time you’re wondering how to spend your free time in Manchester, why not head underground for a drink? The Temple bar is located on Oxford Road and guess what?: It used to be a public toilet. Not to worry though, the place has scrubbed up well. Find a great variety of beers of live music events!

9. The Fitzgerald


Get transported into the 1920’s with a trip to The Fitzgerald bar. Find this spectacular bar above the Rosylee Tea Room. The decor and the staff perfectly complement the old style scenery. The cocktails are amazing – there is just so much variety.

10. The Richmond Tea Rooms

This next recommendation will see your family members pleasantly surprised. It’s a great venue to catch up and enjoy a special one’s company. Savour amazing teas and cake in this old-fashioned British Decor. Find this bar just behind the Chorlton Street coach station.

Even if you’re new to Machester, or you’re a Mancunian looking to explore the city – make sure you visit our top places.

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