12 Days of DIY This Christmas!

The holidays are coming and the countdown to Christmas has begun! Why don’t you avoid the Christmas rush by making your own Christmas presents? You could even save yourself some pounds in the process!

We have found some truly amazing DIY Christmas ideas that will not only delight your family and friends but will also provide some festive fun along the way!

1. Festive Fudge


Surprise your loved ones this year with these tasty treats! This fudge recipe is so easy to follow and the ingredients are cheap too. So you can make enough for all of your friends and family without leaving a hole in your pocket! Place the finished fudge in some clear plastic wrapping and tie it up in a red ribbon for that festive finish.

2. Christmas Hat Goodie Bag

This is such a simple and cost-effective Christmas present that your little elves will love! Simply take some cheap Santa Claus hats and fill them with sweets. You can even buy some Glitter Glue pens from your local craft store and personalise the hats for the people you’re gifting them too!

3. Poached Pears in Mulled Wine

You can’t get more Christmassy mulled wine! Just poach some pears in a pan of mulled wine and place in a festively decorated old jam jar. This is an ideal present for your mum and dad (or even as a little treat for yourself).


4. Christmas Calendar 

Not only is this a great Christmas decoration but also a fun and festive activity you can do with your little elves! All you need is a couple sheets of felt in Christmas colours, some PVA glue, glitter, a pair of safety scissors and a creative mind! The opportunities are endless.

5. Glittery Christmas Jam


We have found this recipe for Glittery Christmas Jam that we’re just crazy about! It’s cheap, pretty straightforward to make and the perfect gift for loved ones this holiday season! Decorate your jam jars with green and red ribbon for a Christmassy design!

6. Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

A perfect Christmas activity to do with your little elves and a fun, festive keepsake for you to have for years to come. The opportunities to be creative with this are endless and the recipe is very simple to follow. You’ll be feeling the Christmas spirit in no time!

7. Personalised Christmas Cards

Do you fancy yourself an artist? Then why not make your own Christmas cards this year? All you really need is some white card and watercolours to make a delightful, Christmas keepsake to give to your loved ones. Even if you’re not the next Monet, we’re sure your friends and family will love the gesture!

8. Homemade Oatmeal Bath Tea

A luxurious present to give your mother or sister that doesn’t cost a bomb! The method is pretty easy to follow and is definitely a perfect way to impress your mother-in-law this Christmas.


9. Candy Cane Bath Salts

A great Christmas-themed treat that we were surprised at how easy it is to make! The ingredients are fairly cheap, so you can make enough for all of your friends. That’s Secret Santa sorted!

10. Romantic Coupons

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Spoil your other half this Christmas with your own time this holiday! You can even get creative with some craft card in Christmas colours and felt-tip pens. The present can be naughty or nice, it’s your choice!

11. Chocolate Brittle

This holiday treat is perfect for snacking on whilst watching your favourite Christmas movie! Ridiculously easy to make and a great stocking filler, why not give it a go?

12. DIY Christmas Crackers

The opportunities are endless with making your own Christmas Crackers. You can fill them with sweets and even write your own jokes (we can’t guarantee laughs though)! Follow this simple video tutorial here and your Christmas table decorations will be complete!


We think we’ve just about covered everything here and you’re on your way to a Merry Christmas! If you have any Christmas DIY tips and tricks, please email your suggestions to [email protected]. Happy Holidays!