12 cleaning tasks you can* do in 1 hour!

*We say can…but why not get yourself a Hassle.com cleaner and leave all the hard work to us?!

Nowadays we’re all so busy that it can be difficult to find the time to do the cleaning, and when we do have the time, housework is, more often than not, the last thing we want to do (we’d all rather be out enjoying our free time, right?).

Fortunately, we’ve got a few sneaky tips that could help you out – in fact in the space of just an hour there are 12 cleaning tasks that you can tick off your list. But if that hour sounds too exhausting, then our Hassle.com cleaners have you covered – pop your postcode in below and free time is just a few clicks away!


Tip: The key to getting as much done in the hour is to set the longer tasks in motion early on in the hour and then return to them at the end.


1. Laundry – 3 minutes

The average washing machine cycle takes up to an hour, so start off your hour of chores by putting a load of washing on, then before the hour is up you should be able to hang it out to dry or pop it in the tumble dryer.


2. Dishwasher – 3 minutes

Take a few minutes to either empty or fill the dishwasher. Much like the washing, if you’re loading the dishwasher you should hopefully be able to empty it towards the end of the hour.


3. De-scum the Bathroom – 10 minutes

Pour some bleach down the toilet bowl and brush around the sides and under the rim, then leave it for 5 minutes. In the meantime, tackle the rest of the bathroom – spray cleaning products around the sink and bath and empty the bathroom bin. Then go back and flush the toilet and wipe away the cleaning products and dirt from the sink and bath. Now that’s good planning.


4. Cleaning Windows – 10 minutes

Cleaning the inside of windows doesn’t have to take forever. Simply spray cleaning product across the window until it’s misty but not dripping. Then wipe away with a clean cloth (or newspaper works even better!), so you don’t leave any streaks.

26 minutes into your hour of cleaning…tired yet? We don’t blame you. Why not let us take that stress out? Just pop in your postcode below (we won’t tell anyone!). 



5. Recycling – 5 minutes

Grab all your old newspapers and magazines that are lying about the house, as well as bottles and boxes from the kitchen, and chuck ’em in the recycling bins. If you don’t have recycling bins then gather everything together to throw away later.


6. Clean out the Fridge – 5 minutes

It’s hard to keep track of the contents of the fridge; we often buy food as we go along and push the older stuff to the back (admit it, we all do it, right? Does anyone even know what’s back there?!). Armed with a bin-bag it’ll take only a few minutes to clear the fridge of forgotten food. It might also make you shop better too, if you have to throw out a lot each time!


7. Dusting – 6 minutes

Use polish and a cloth to dust down all the TV screens, computer screens and ledges in the house, this will take just a few minutes and some elbow grease.

Exhausted just reading this? That’s where we come in, find your cleaner in the box below! 



8. Polish mirrors – 5 minutes

Continue with the polishing by tackling all the mirrors in the house, most homes will only have a couple so this shouldn’t take you very long at all and they’re something many of us forget to clean very regularly.


9. Change Vacuum Cleaner Bag – 3 minutes

Changing the bag in a vacuum cleaner keeps it working like new. Fortunately it’s a quick and easy task with instructions included on the packaging of the spare bags, however it’s pretty self-explanatory otherwise. Don’t have a bag in your vacuum cleaner? You’ve just saved yourself 3 minutes – that’s basically time travel!


10. Fix Any Squeaky Doors – 3 minutes

Squeaky doors are one of those things that we all find irritating yet often forget to do anything about it. Taking a couple of minutes to spray some WD40 or other such product on the hinges can help to make your doors open more smoothly and with less squeaking!


11. Paper Work – 5 minutes

Sort through any paperwork or post mountains you might have lying about the house. File away any important items and either throw away or shred the other papers.


12. Test Smoke Alarms – 2 minutes

Testing smoke alarms is something you should do regularly, use the final few minutes of the hour to check yours is working properly. It’s also recommended that every once in a while you use the vacuum attachment to get rid of any dust that might have gathered inside the device.

So there you have it, 12 chores that can be done in an hour! But if you want it done properly, professionally and perfectly cleaned each time (and that 60 mins sounds like waaaay too much work in your free time!) then our Hassle.com cleaners are on hand to help make magic happen. Your free time is just a few clicks away below!

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