12 ways to make your desk clean, tidy and tip top!

We’re sure you all know the old saying: A clean desk is a happy desk. Okay, so that might not be an *exact* phrase, but you know what we mean.

As well as looking neat and tidy, an organised desk helps your productivity by cutting the amount of time you spend searching for things. It also lets other people know that you’re organised – which can be handy if you’ve got people to impress.

But we’ve all been there – paper piling up, pens here, there and everywhere and old coffee mugs a’plenty. So we’ve got some handy tricks and tips to get your desk looking tip top!

1) Chuck the pens that don’t work anymore! 

We get it – nobody likes throwing things out – but those old, empty pens have got to go. You’ll get rid of some clutter and you’ll be happy knowing that you’ll be left with pens that work (instead of scribbling on a notebook trying to test them). 


2) Remove things you don’t use regularly

Tape dispenser, stapler, scissors, lamp… our desks are full of things we rarely use – we’re talking to you novelty stress ball! If you don’t regularly use it, store it in a cupboard somewhere out of sight. 

3) Stop eating at your desk

*Moves away from the desk while munching custard creams*. Yeah, we’re guilty of this too. When you’re pressed for time it’s tempting to shovel in food as quickly as possible while checking emails, but for the sake of your desk (and your colleagues) it’s time to stop.

Your keyboard will soon be crumb free and your notebook won’t end up a mess. But if you’re a sucker for punishment (and can’t give up the desk biscuits) have some wet wipes to hand to clean your desk and fingers once you’re done.


3) Throw away your post-it notes

As much fun as they are, it’s time to swap the post-it notes for a nice notebook. With instant messengers, synchronised calendars, and a huge selection of note apps available for desktop and mobile devices, it’s time to ask yourself whether you really need post-it notes to remind you about things. 


4) Use a coaster

Buy yourself a fancy new coaster to pop your mug on – and avoid the mug rings while you’re at it too. 

5) Position your coaster carefully 

Clumsy folks beware! Position your coaster out of reach of flailing arms and away from your mouse, phone cables etc. You don’t want to be that person that spills their coffee all over the desk. 

6) Only print the things you really need

Printing less cuts costs, helps the environment and, best of all, reduces the amount of paperwork that ends up on your desk, saving you both space and time. 


8) Install drawer dividers

Particularly useful for people that have a mountain of things in their drawers, you can buy dividers for drawers of all shapes and sizes. Now you’ll easily be able to find your novelty stress ball when things get tense. 

9) Get a Mr Miyagi Bansai Tree 

So it doesn’t have to be a bansai tree, but studies have shown that having a plant at your desk can reduce stress, increase productivity and even improve air quality – so this is definitely one desk item that shouldn’t be considered clutter. Just remember to water your desk buddy every few days. Dead plants aren’t a good look.

10) Go wireless where possible

Wireless mice and keyboards are relatively inexpensive these days, wireless mice and keyboards make everything seem so much tidier. 


11) When wires are necessary… 

Of course, it isn’t always possible to go wireless. Invest in a cable tidy to stop wires from tangling and label your cords now to save time in the future and prevent you accidentally pulling the plug on your computer because you want to charge your phone.

12) Set time at the end of the day to make sure your desk is tidy

It should only take a couple of minutes but you’ll thank yourself in the morning when you turn up to work and discover a desk that is clean and tidy.


 There you have it folks, our simple, easy ways to clean your desk up in no time. You might find you’re more productive than ever, you’re desk buddies will thank you for cleaning up AND you get to practice your topiary – now that’s win win!

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any other tips to keep your desk looking clean and tidy!