15 coffee shops you need to visit in London!

We have teamed up with our friends at Yelp to give you a run-down of the best places in London to grab a coffee. Nobody knows awesome places like Yelp do, so we got the inside scoop from them on their favourite coffee shops.

Spoiler: We had to stop them at 15, otherwise we think they could have just kept going…and going, they really do love coffee. Now that Hassle.com has given you your time back by taking care of the cleaning, what better to way to spend that time than by grabbing a book or some friends and finding a nice spot for some java.

Get ready, there’s a latte see (Sorry, terrible coffee pun #1. We can’t promise that’s the end of them). 

1) Monmouth Coffee – Brave the queues for one of the best cups of coffee in the city.


Pic: Phoebe P. on Yelp

Voted the number 1 coffee shop in London on Yelp, there is no doubt that this is the best coffee going in London right now. Being so popular naturally brings queues, but it is well worth the wait. In a review from Alex S. on Yelp, he went as far as saying:

“You know that moment when you need an amazing cup of coffee and someone hands you that perfect cup of coffee and it is the best moment in your entire life in the entire world. That moment. Right there? That moment happens here”.

2) Kaffeine – Don’t miss the Portuguese Tart to go with your coffee.


Pic: J L. on Yelp

Looking for some sweet treats to go along with your coffee? Head down to Kaffeine. Apparently the Portuguese Tart’s are amazing. The banana bread isn’t too shabby either. Yelp Reviewer Faisal L 

“Their service is great, the sweet treats like the Portuguese tart are tasty and the coffee certainly worth a trip.”

 3) Nude Espresso – Try a cup but also try their roastery for fresh beans.

Pic: Sarah D on Yelp

Nude Espresso in Spitalfields is great, but what is even better is that their roastery is just around the corner. Pop in for a takeaway coffee and soak up the aromas of freshly roasted beans.

 4) Brick Lane Coffee – Try the Dirty Chai, or chai and coffee mixed together!

Keeping east, Brick Lane Coffee offers you a quirky experience and everyone on Yelp is raving about the Dirty Chai (2 espresso shots & Chai) so it is a must visit.

“Yes, London, this is what I’m looking for. In-your-face quirky, Brick Lane Coffee features nontraditional drinks (add a shot of curry powder!), lego utensil holders, and chalk doodles on the ceiling.” – Anansi T.

 5) Department of Coffee and Social Affairs – Come for the name, stay for the people watching. 

l (1)

Pic: Polly H. on Yelp

 With a brilliant name, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs has made it to the list (not just for the name, of course, their coffee is also pretty good). Apparently the long bar table in the front is the place to sit as it is perfect for people watching!


 6) Prufrock Coffee – One of the best spots for espresso in London.

l (2)

Pic: Claire W. on Yelp

Looking for something a little more laid back? Prufrock Coffee is your place. It also happens to be one of the best spots for espresso in London.

How are you doing? Have you bean to any of these coffee shops yet? (Ooh, bad coffee pun #2). 

 7) Candid Cafe – The very definition of hidden gem.

 Up some dimly lit stairs, on the second floor of a building you will find Candid Cafe. This hidden gem is the perfect place to escape to.

 “The Candid Cafe is a hidden gem thats a stone throw away from Angel Tube station. It’s a great place to go and spend an hour catching up with friends or relaxing reading a book.” – Martina on Yelp

 Keep it a secret though, we don’t want everyone knowing about it.

 8) Counter Cafe – Explore Fish Island with a cup of coffee in your hands.


Trying to figure out what to do with your time now that you don’t have to do the cleaning, thanks to Hassle.com? Grab a coffee while you are exploring Fish Island, an area synonymous with Artists and Artist studios in East London. Sunday morning sorted.


9) Flat Cap – Flat Cap makes an exceptional flat white. Who knew?

Love a good flat white? Flat Cap is your place!

An exceptional flat white is served here. Bonus points for outdoorness and minimalistic approach to coffee preparation. It goes to show, great coffee doesn’t need accompaniments.” – Paul H. on Yelp

 10) Timberyard – Excellent for getting work done… or just browsing Facebook.

o (1)

Pic: Florian D. on Yelp

Timberyard not only does great tea and coffee, there is lots of room for working *ahem Facebook-ing* in the basement. This makes it a great spot for coming to get some work done… or writing reviews of Yelp.

11) Association Coffee – Round the corner from the Gherkin lies this unassuming, but truly surprising, spot.

o (2)

Pic: Yelp

Just a stones throw away from the Gherkin, Association Coffee is the perfect place to find some calm in the chaos of the City. If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds then take a trip to Association for some good coffee, chilled atmosphere and free wifi.

“Now I have reviewed a lot of coffee shops as I have yelped and London, Leeds and beyond. Notwithstanding this, Association Coffee stands out from the crowd. Located round the corner from the Gherkin, AC is a den of tranquility amidst the hubbub of the City. Soft lighting and high quality fittings lend a relaxed vibe which, together with the free wifi, make it a place to linger.” – Duncan W.

12) Wild and Wood – Drink a coffee, eat a cronut, be happy. 

o (4)

The problem with Wild and Wood is the cronuts are so tasty that you’ll soon be back for more. Look at that picture above and tell me you’re not hungry! Wild and Wood also serve up Monmouth Coffee, so you can’t lose.

Have we inspired you yet? Are you brewing up a coffee trip? (Right. Strike #3 on bad coffee puns. We’re officially stopping!). 

13) Exmouth Coffee – Do not, I mean no not, miss the croissants. 

o (5)

Pic: Leo U. on Yelp


Not a fan of cronuts? Then come to Exmouth Coffee and grab a croissant. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more substantial, they have a great selection of quiches, salads, wraps and other delicious meals to go with your coffee.

 14) D1 – North West London’s best kept secret.

North West London has a secret that it is keeping from you. That secret is D1, the best coffee shop in NW London. If you haven’t been there yet, then it is time to go and find it.

“Good neighbourhood coffee place with great service and proper coffee. Rare find in Maida Vale. Don’t miss it (and try the cakes, they are great too).” –  Eric G. 

15) SuperNatural – Freshest juice in town.

Ok, ok, you caught us. SuperNatural isn’t a coffee shop. But they do some mean juices and smoothies, all freshly made. They have a swanky new shop in Canary Wharf Underground Station and another in Old Street station. If you are in the area, this is the perfect place to get your health kick.

Got anymore that you think we should add to the list (or terrible coffee pun)? Tell us in the comments below or head over to Yelp and give them a review…

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