5 apps to help clean your act up!

If we spent as much time cleaning our house as we did playing on our phones, there wouldn’t be a single speck of dirt in sight!

Now cleaning and smartphones can go hand in hand, as there are some amazing apps that help us keep your home clean and tidy…and keep your free time, well, free. From apps that take the boredom out of chores for children, to apps that make your lazy housemate pull their weight, here are 5 cleaning apps that you can put to work for you!

Hassle.com (Ta-dah!..of course we had to put our brand new app in here)


Recently, we launched our very own Hassle.com cleaning app for iOS and Android to help take care of the cleaning, so you can focus on all the things you’d rather be doing instead.

With the Hassle.com app, you can book your cleaner, wherever you are, right from your phone. You can also use it to share the love with your friends (and get yourself 30 mins free cleaning each time you do!). All in all, it’s a pretty useful cleaning dynamo.

Download it today here for iOS and here for Android and get outsourcing your cleaning like a champion!





If you live with messy or lazy housemates (or family members) then this app could be a lifesaver! The app allows you to create a list of frequent chores, and assigns them to different housemates. You can also set rewards that are only redeemable once they’ve completed all of their cleaning chores.

Chore Monster

Chore Monkey

For the times when you’re looking to get the little ones involved in the cleaning, Chore Monster is a treat – this app actually makes chores fun for children! Parents can add cleaning tasks to the app and select rewards (such as ice cream, or an hour of PlayStation!) for each task, and when their children complete the task, they earn points and can redeem their rewards!




In addition to letting you create lists and keep on top of cleaning the house, BrightNest also provides handy tips, inspiring ideas and easy to follow instructions for each different room in the house. The app also has a reminder feature, which allows you to schedule tasks and helps to make sure you don’t forget to complete them!



There are two main features to the Home Routine app – it allows you to create a cleaning checklist for specific days of the week, and it also features ’15 minute focus zones’. The whole idea of these ‘focus zones’ is to get you to focus on just one specific room or section of your house, and spend 15 minutes doing a really detailed clean. This means all of those small and annoying tasks that you usually avoid actually get done! You also earn gold stars when you complete your checklist, which is pretty satisfying at any age!


So there you have it! Now you can use your smartphone for good…as well as for Facebook and Candy Crush! Got an app that helps keep you cleaned up? Let us know in the comments below!