The 5 Bacteria Magnets You Overlook When It Comes To Cleaning!

There are some things we use so often that we hardly even notice them. But when you’re using them every day, your favourite things every single day can get a bit grubby, and that means bacteria!

Okay, so it won’t necessarily kill you, but no-one wants to drink from a bacteria-y mug. So without further ado, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the simple things we miss when it comes to cleaning.

Office Mug

We all love our morning hit of caffeine. You’ve probably even settled on a favourite mug, but now it’s time to take things to the next phase: cleaning your mug properly. An office mug is the perfect environment for germs to reproduce. Did you know that bacteria can multiply in a mug even with just a few drops left on the bottom? Why not shower this cup with love by washing it properly after every use?

Deep cleaning your office mug is easy and doesn’t take long.  The best thing is to run it through a nice, hot dishwasher, but what if you don’t have one? It’s simple: microwave your mug for 1 minute to blast away the bacteria.

After all, coffee tastes better in a clean mug.

Office Pens


Whilst you’re reading this, a pen is dangerously close to you… but why should you worry ? Well, writing pens are coated with sebum collected from all the colleagues it came in contact with. That’s on top of the dust and other bacterial colonization that occurs when the pen is traveling between different hands or mouths – or both! The worst thing you can do is to develop a nervous tic with your office pen (placing it in your mouth, ear and, and yes – you know it’s coming… even your nose!)
Before expelling your office pen to a dark corner of your desk, allow us to offer you a quick solution that will make you office pen more appealing: apply the same sanitizer you use for your hands over your pen! Genius, non?



They’re the little items that help disconnect us from a busy crowd on the tube; the ones that play our favourite tunes and audiobooks when we need to escape the madness of our daily commute. The little things we try to untangle every time we’re bored and there’s not wifi available: we’re talking about earphones, little brother to headphones! We carry our earphones everywhere and they collect bacteria from all their “travels. Not to mention we put them in our ears (not the most pleasant environment). Whilst that bacteria won’t cause life-threatening diseases, it’s advisable to give them a good clean from time to time.
Disinfect them as often as you can by dipping a cotton bud in alcohol and running it over the earphones. We’re sure you know this already, but sharing isn’t caring when it comes to these little guys.

Makeup Brushes or Makeup Sponges


Ladies, they’re everywhere: the chemists, your Youtube feed, Pinterest boards, and laying on your desk at home. Brushes and sponges are a makeup essential, but they don’t only pick up make-up products. They also collect plenty of bacteria, which finds a home on our faces if we don’t clean our makeup tools properly. Bacteria is never good news for skin: it might provoke breakouts and rashes. You wouldn’t believe how many women only clean their brushes once a month!

You could always buy new ones, but why spend more money when you can clean the products you already have? Next time, to take care of your brushes and sponges, try to spray some micellar water on your them. Dry them with a clean cloth until all the makeup is removed from the brush.
We recommend forming a little cleaning ritual for your makeup brushes and sponges. Your makeup will look flawless and your skin will be exposed to less bacteria.



Our toothbrushes are used multiple times a day for a proper oral hygiene (at least that’s what I tell my dentist). Think about this: a toothbrush is a cleaning agent for our mouths. It cleans bacteria, so it will obviously pick up plenty of it.  Your toothbrush lives in your bathroom, and you know what else is in there… the toilet! It’s extremely common for people keep their toothbrush near the toilet! (GUILTY!) If you’re also guilty of this sin, here’s your penance: deep cleaning your toothbrush daily!

If your toothbrush is lying dangerously near to a toilet, try investing in a case to keep the nasty germs away from it – or simply putting the toilet seat down when flushing.

Also try to sanitize your toothbrush with mouthwash – such an easy trick in keeping our toothbrush nice and shiny! It’s also recommended that you change your toothbrush every three months. New toothbrush, happy teeth.


Don’t overlook the little things, keep them clean and enjoy them for longer!