5 Home Cleaning Hacks to Make Cleaning Bearable


It’s 8 o’clock on a Tuesday evening: the sink is overflowing with dishes, the fridge has grown new life, and you’re beyond exhausted.

We know that keeping up with the cleaning can be difficult.

So we’ve gone and cribbed a list of the 5 best cleaning tips and cheats from our top cleaners here at Hassle.com. They may not change your life, but they’ll certainly make it a lot easier.

Clean your wooden chopping board with lemon and salt

This one comes from one of our top cleaners, Damaso:

Rub salt and lemon juice into your chopping board, leave for 10 minutes, then wipe off with a clean sponge. This will kill off any germs on the board and leave it smelling fresh at the same time. A simple, chemical-free way to clean your chopping board.

Use toothpaste to brighten up old trainers

We all have that lovely pair of white trainers that have been made dull by the sands of time. Breathe new life into them by brushing them with an old toothbrush and toothpaste. The dirt and grime will brush right off, leaving you with trainers as sparkling white as when they came out of the box.

cleaning trainers with toothpaste

Use white wine to get rid of red wine stains

We all know that horror of spilling red wine on your best top. Your friends try to comfort you through the stages of grief – denial (“it’s not that bad!”), bargaining (“cover it in salt and pray”) and acceptance (“it’s ruined, throw it out”).

Try pouring white wine over the stain while it’s still wet. You might end up smelling like a vineyard, but at least you don’t have to throw out your favourite shirt.

Microwave sponges to disinfect them

Sponges can get pretty disgusting. Although we use them to clean our dishes and worktops, their warm and damp environment makes them the perfect breeding ground for germs. Try microwaving them on high for 2 minutes. This will kill 99% of bacteria, according to the University of Florida. If you want to go really hardcore, 4 minutes will kill the other 1%.

Word of advice though: make sure the sponge is wet before you put it in the microwave, otherwise it’ll catch fire. Not quite the result you’re looking for.

Clean your toilet with Coca-Cola

Did you know that cola is so acidic it can be used to clean almost anything? (Except your teeth. Mum was right.) Next time you’re popping open a can, consider pouring it down the toilet instead. It might actually do some good. Just leave it in the loo for ten minutes then scrub a little with your toilet brush, and watch the sparkly transformation.

cleaning with coca cola

Remember to be careful.

Use these cleaning hacks (plus a few other natural cleaning tricks we’ve learned) to make cleaning your home more manageable. And if it still feels like too much, well, we’re always here to help…



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