5 Hacks For A Cleaner Car


At Hassle.com we’re all about helping you save time and removing fuss from daily chores. So we’ve asked our friends at ClickMechanic to come up with a few ways to keep your car looking tidy with as little effort as possible.

1. Have somewhere to put your rubbish

This might sound obvious, but many of you won’t have a “designated waste area”. Without one, everything inevitably ends up on the floor with your empty Monster Munch packets and chocolate bar wrappers. Hanging a plastic bag to use as a waste bin is a quick solution, but for those of you looking for something smarter check out this awesome Henry Hoover Car Bin.

2. Give everything a proper home

Our cars are rarely just vehicles anymore; they’re wardrobes, dining rooms and even dance clubs, which means you can end up with a lot of stuff in a very small space. There are tonnes of affordable car organisation solutions such this one, which not only turns your iPad into a TV but also provides extra storage for all your bits and bobs. If you’re in need of a more heavy-duty organiser, check out this back seat organiser with more pockets than you could possibly need!


3. Limit food and drink

Blanket bans on food and drink are a great idea, but if you’ve got kids or are stuck in a 4-hour traffic jam, reality tends to kick in and theory goes out the window. A more realistic option is to offer passengers a limited menu in your vehicle, avoiding particularly messy or sticky items. Apples – good. Popcorn – okay. Candyfloss – probably not. And for various reasons, red wine – absolutely not!


4. Keep it clean with baby wipes

Struggling with dust, dirt, and that mystery sticky substance that plagues cup holders? Ordinary baby wipes are the answer to all your problems. Stick a pack in the glove compartment and your dashboard will look cleaner than it ever has. Top tip: they also work wonders on your windows!

5. Knock your shoes before you get in

It’s fast approaching that time of year where spring showers appear and everything becomes wetter and muddier, especially our shoes. So before putting your shoes in the car, take a seat with your feet sticking out and bash your shoes together a few times. This should help get rid of most of the grime and keep it out of your car.

These tips will help keep the inside of your car looking spic and span. And for a quick lesson on how to keep the outside looking just as great, head over to the ClickMechanic blog.



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