5 Ways to Make Your House a Home with Art

Your house has just been scrubbed from top to bottom by the cleaning ninjas at Hassle.com, and with everything tidied away, the floors shining, the windows clear, and the dust departed, your bare walls are standing out and looking ripe for some attention, and what better way to make your freshly sparkling house a home than by brightening it with art. At Rise Art we’ve got some top tips for sprucing up your space up with art, and making each room at home a place you want to spend time in, gazing at your perfectly styled interiors.


1 Stage The Entrance

We’ve all heard the old adage that first impressions are the most important, and that is probably no truer than the entrance to the rest of your home – this space can set the ambiance in an instant. For fun and easy styling, try a gallery wall effect, framing some of your favourite petite artworks and drawing the eye gradually into the home.


Artwork: Workplace by Mat Cahill available on Rise Art



2 Enliven The Living Room

The right piece of art can elevate a living room and set the mood of the space. Before you choose your art, think about how you use your living room: is it a formal room or a relaxed space where everyone hangs out? Bringing contemporary or urban works into the homely environment of the living room will make a bold statement and inject some fun into the space.


Artwork: Another Dimension #2 by Kef! available on Rise Art



3 Spice Up the Kitchen

There’s nothing better than a freshly cleaned and satisfyingly tidy kitchen – it really is the heart of the home. Don’t be afraid to bring some character into this functional space with art. A splash of colour amongst clean lines and industrial materials is the perfect way to catch the eye. Try contrasting your textures with the natural surfaces that dominate, inviting energy and depth with a painterly canvas, vibrant print or a sleek photograph.


Artworks: TNT by Abigail Box & Edge by Tommy Clarke




4 Artify The Home Study

In today’s busy world of around the clock access, anytime anywhere, many of us work from home. Your study should be a haven for concentration, and we believe that after organisation and tidiness comes inspiration. The art we surround ourselves with when working needs to instill a sense of energy and focus, so it could be something bold and colourful to get your creative juices flowing, or a monochrome print to create an unobtrusive and calming atmosphere.


Artwork: Ink animation #007 by Chris Stoneman – http://www.riseart.com/art/ink-animation-007-by-chris-stoneman


5 Beautify The Bedroom

‘Floordrobes’ and bedside clutter be gone! The bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal space in your home. It should be minimal and well styled, reflecting your style, your taste, your vibe and your personality. When it comes to expressing individuality we think there’s no better way to articulate these sentiments than with the right kind of artwork. In this case, anything goes, so indulge your personal taste!


Artwork: Time-bound by Genevieve Leavold



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