Messy habits that drive tidy people mad!

Some people have messy habits.

It’s no secret that here at we like things clean and tidy. However, we know, even if we don’t quite understand, that not everyone is like us.


That being said, we think it’s high time we shined a light on the things that messy people do to drive us mad!

If you believe there’s a place for everything and everything has it’s place, be warned. You may find the following images slightly distressing.

The cap stealer.

messy habits toothpaste

We will never understand that after using the toothpaste (or any other capped tubes), they refuse to take the 20 seconds needed to replace the lid?

The long bath giver.

messy habits dishes soaking

They insist on giving all the plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery a week long soak, that is ended only when they realised there is nothing left to use!

The lonely game player.

messy habits stacking recycling

This one thoroughly confuses us, what is it they think they’re going to win? We seem to be unwillingly playing a game of bin Jenga that gets restarted every time we clear it away.

Bed it only takes a minute.

messy habits unmade bed

Making a bed is so simple, so this just might be one of the most common and worst of the messy habits. It’s crazy how one small thing can make a room look so untidy (this picture is a particularly hard for us to look at for long).

Walking in the wrong direction.

messy habits disorganised shoes

This one is doubly annoying, because more often than not, the shoes are dumped arms length from their home, left on the floor, ready for us to trip over.

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