A history of Roomba's, Scooba's Henry's and Horse-drawn vacuum cleaners!

We’re pretty lucky when it comes to cleaning these days. Let us explain…

Nowadays, cleaning may be all about cleaning robots like Roomba’s and Scooba’s. Maybe you find you just can’t say goodbye to the smiling face of Henry the Hoover. You may *even* have wised up to the joys of having a lovely Hassle.com cleaner, so you can forget about the scrubbing altogether!

See? Easy! But that hasn’t always been the case; like back in the early 1900’s when a hoover had to be pulled from house to house by horse-drawn carriage (and here’s us getting frustrated when Henry gets stuck around a corner!) or even earlier when soap was made from boiling fat, ash and water….not exactly the lavender infused soaps we’re used to now, right?

So come on a little journey with us and see our “Timeline of Cleaning Products Infographic”, past, present and future and see just how much things have changed.

hassle-timeline (1)