A little gift from our friends at Lovespace

Nothing beats that feeling when your home is clean, tidy and clutter free. You know what they say ‘Tidy home, tidy mind” (That’s a phrase, right?!)

So let us introduce you to our friends LOVESPACE. They provide by-the-box storage for amazing value. They’ll collect your boxes or larger items from your home & store them from just £1.95 per month.

Then when you want them back, they’ll deliver them back to you, whenever you want. The best part? They’ve got a deal, just for you!

Facebook offer - student 1 month free

Why not clear up your clutter today? Use promo code ‘NoHassleStorage at checkout to get 1 box free for 1 month at LOVESPACE.*

Let Hassle.com clean up your home, and LOVESPACE take care of the clutter for you. It’s a match made in heaven!


*All storage orders will be credited with £5.95 – equivalent to storage of 1 box for 1 month. Sign up by March 31st to get the offer