Accidental imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

We think is a pretty awesome place to work, we consider ourselves to be a slightly dysfunctional family. We are so close in fact, that we have even started dressing the same (awks!).


But rather than get all embarrassed and suggest the offending party stands 5 meters away at all times, we’ve decided to welcome these wardrobe matching mishaps with open arms, and document it all here for you to enjoy!

Starting us off are the heads of Customer service and Ops, although they may have lost their boat, they’re still all smiles! They have really taken the old saying ‘a team that dresses together, stays together’ onboard.


Our Co-founder and Accountant are appropriately dressed the colours of money, or trees? We personally feel they both missed their calling as models!

image1 (7)

Our Marketing and Customer Service team seem to be the only ones that took note of the dress down ninja day memo.


…or were they? These two have even coordinated footwear, strong!


Not to be out done, the Marketing team have pulled out all the stops and seem to be starting rehearsals for a mime show here.


From ninja mimes, to extras from a Gene Kelly film. Our lead designer and co-founder don’t seem fazed in the slightest by the bad luck they have given us by opening their umbrellas inside! 


Hearing how well the stripes have been working out for the Ops team, the data and marketing team decided to join in.


Our Head of Finance and Product lead seem to be taking a stand against all the dress down days we’ve been having they’ve even managed to match glasses!


This lot have decided to run with the motto ‘if you’re going to match, you may as well try and make it a team effort!’. We can’t help but feel this looks like the awkward beginnings of a double date!

IMG_0308 (1)

We would love to see pictures of your matching work outfits, so please feel free to tweet, comment or carrier pigeon them to us!