Ariane is this month's top cleaner in Dublin

The Irish summer has finally arrived, and that can only mean one thing….ICE CREAM!

To celebrate, I met up with the lovely Ariane on her day off in Stephen’s Green to find out more about her and her time in Dublin. She is currently studying English while also juggling being an awesome cleaner. We grabbed some amazing(!) Gino’s Gelato – if you’ve never been, you need to go – and got right to it…

Q: Thanks for meeting us on your precious day off, we won’t keep you too long! Tell me, what do you normally do in your free time?

Ariane: I typically spend my days off relaxing and treating myself. I absolutely love going to the cinema, I actually went this morning to watch a movie called Two By Two; I love animated movies! After that I went to this restaurant that serves traditional Brazilian food, they do really nice beans and pork, which reminds me of home!

Q: Speaking of food, what’s your favourite thing to eat?

Ariane: I really love cooking, and I especially love cooking Italian food. Pasta and seafood is so good. And I love to bake! I make this really good coconut cake. I like to make some cocada too – it’s a traditional sweet in Brazil made from coconut and condensed milk. All my friends love it!


Q: Sounds delicious. You’re originally from Brazil, right? Do you find Dublin to be a big change from Brazil? 

Ariane: Yes, I’m from Brazil originally. I feel very at home in Dublin, it’s a very safe city and I never feel nervous if I head down a street I’ve never been down before, it’s just a new adventure. Dubliners are also so amazing.

Q: Aww stop, you’re making me blush!

Ariane: it’s true, everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  One thing I noticed when I first arrived was how clean Dublin is; apart from those pesky pigeons that is, I really can’t stand them.

Q: Haha. And what brought you to work with

A: I wasn’t 100% happy in my last job, and my friend Mariana told me about you guys; she also works for! She said I could pick my own hours and that all her customers were really lovely. So when I joined, I loved it! My customers are all so nice, I love that I can work and learn English at the same time. The website is so easy to use as well.

IMG_2859 (1)

Q: That’s great to hear. Since it’s summer, we have to ask; have you got any plans for the summer?

Ariane: I’d love to go travelling, coming to Ireland is my first step. I really want to improve my English skills before I continue however. My first stop? It’d have to be Thailand, it looks incredible.

I think Thailand is quite a while off though, this summer I’m thinking about going to Spain. I’ve always wanted to go there but have never had the opportunity, it’s also super cheap flying from Dublin.

Q: Ooh sounds exciting. Finally, we just wanted to tell you that you’re actually one of our top rated in cleaners in Dublin! What advice would you give to other cleaners who work for

Ariane: Yay, that’s good news! I’d say that it’s really important to turn up on time. Customer don’t like it if you’re late, so I always leave a few minutes early from my house before every job. I always send them a text once I’ve accepted the job, just to say ‘Hi’ and to introduce myself. Then when I meet them I ask them what they would like cleaned and if they are happy with my cleaning. And most importantly I put 110% into every job I do! 

Thanks Ariane for meeting me today, it’s been great to chat! We hoped you liked your ice cream too.