The best parks in Dublin to picnic in

Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to enjoy the sunshine in some of the great parks Dublin has to offer and what better way to enjoy the sun, than a picnic with friends.

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of the biggest parks in Dublin (07 hectares (1752 acres)). It’s a wonderful oasis of nature not only because of herds of deer but also because of the peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.  Once you’re done with your picnicking, you can take a visit to the Dublin Zoo.

Tip: Don’t go on foot, take a bike instead, the area is too big to cover on foot.

Phoenix Park

Iveagh Gardens

Iveagh Gardens is located in the city center, it’s famous for its fountains, waterfalls, and sculptures. It’s a quiet and peaceful area in the middle of the city where you can enjoy a picnic with friends. They also host gigs and festivals in the park and the latest events can be found here.

St Stephen’s Green

The Park is gorgeous, usually filled not only with people but also lots of birds, ducks, and swans. It is known for its lakes, fountains, and sculptures which create the perfect setting for any sunny afternoon. If you enjoy art and lively creatures, this is the perfect picnic spot for you!

St Stephen's Green

Herbert Park

Herbert Park is one of our favorite places to picnic in. We love feeding squirrels and watching the birds. The park has ample seating for any non-grass lovers, there is also a lake, with lots of beautiful flowers (especially lovely in the late spring!). An additional perk is that it’s never full of people so you could truly enjoy the relaxing atmosphere!

Herbert Park

If you know of any parks we’ve not mentioned, please let us know! We love finding hidden spots in Dublin perfect for a sunny summer’s day!