Best places to eat in London for under £17!


So living in London, let’s face it, can be pretty expensive. For a food fanatic like myself, I find myself having to find new ways to indulge my appetite for good quality food on a tight budget.

I’m always looking for ways to eat delicious local cuisine without having to cook myself (and probably setting fire to my kitchen). So for your pleasure, I’ve thrown together a list of my favourite value for money restaurants/cafe’s that I like to eat at. I hope you enjoy!


Mamuska – Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre


Although the exterior of The Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre might appear a little hostile and uninviting, don’t be fooled! Inside you’ll find a gold mine of markets selling exotic ingredients and restaurants selling authentic foreign foods.

If you dig a little deeper inside this concrete maze you’ll come across Mamuska, a restaurant selling authentic Polish food. Before your bum has even touched the seat you’ll get a waft from the delicious smells permeating your nostrils and your belly will be rumbling louder than a Polish Kozioł!

If that description hasn’t already got you licking your lips in anticipation, then wait till you hear about their food! I ordered a Beef Gulasz at the low, low price of just £8.49. However despite what their menu states, I was not ready to “tackle a bull at a rodeo”. I was so full of tasty gulasz goodness, I literally had to roll myself out of the cafe.

The staff are friendly and inviting and you get loads on your plate for what you pay for. It wasn’t even that far for me to stumble to the bus stop (where I almost slipped into a food coma).

Check out their menu now.

Jerk Shack – Roehampton Lane







For those of you looking for some West Indian food at a reasonable price, then get yourself down to Jerk Shack! Their Curried Goat is to die for and my Sunday nights aren’t the same without their delectable fried fish. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, you can order their food straight to your front door too!

However, it’s worth making the trip down to Roehampton just to visit their lovely little restaurant, especially when they have their reggae karaoke nights. Yes, I’ve had to be dragged away from the microphone a few times! So pop down if you can for some truly authentic Jamaican food and if you’re lucky, you might catch me giving UB40 a run for their money!

So pop down if you can for some truly authentic Jamaican food and if you’re lucky (or unlucky…I’m not sure!) you might catch me giving UB40 a run for their money!

Website is here and the menu (coming soon, but just ring up to enquire).

 The Kennington Cafe – Kennington Lane


Everyone I know who has been to The Kennington Cafe before on Kennington Lane, knows that this place is the Beyonce of all cafe’s! Believe me when I tell you there is no competition.

I first discovered this charming establishment on my lunch break one day. Craving carbs and not wanting to buy another “meal deal” from Tescos, I happened upon this little cafe right on the cusp of Kennington Lane. What I discovered within both startled and astounded me.

They provide a TAKE AWAY English Breakfast! So you can enjoy lashings of bacon, baked beans, black pudding, sausage, egg AND the best Bubble and Squeak I have ever tasted from the comfort of your own desk! If you can’t bare to wait for two minutes whilst they prepare your food you can buy a savoury olive and halloumi muffin from their deli counter. Deliciousness at its best.

Check out their website:

 Aladin’s – Brick Lane


Finally, my number one spot has to go to Aladin’s of Brick Lane. Here is a curry house spectacular! Soar with me on a magic carpet ride (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to one of my favourite types of Indian restaurants; Indian restaurants that allow you to bring your own alcohol. The menu is super cheap and you have so much variety.

However if you’re anything like me and are basically intolerant to anything spicier than a packet of Chilli Heatwave Doritos (no laughing now…) then I highly recommend ordering The Chicken Korma which comes in at a very reasonable £6.90. This combined with a couple cans of Red Stripe (or K Cider for the more adventurous cider connoisseur) from the Off-licence around the corner, means you’ve got yourself a slap-up meal for a tenner!

Take a look at the menu!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my whistle-stop tour of some of the best restaurants in London for under £17! I’m a big (okay, very big) food fan, so if your favourite didn’t make the list, let me know in the comments below!