Meet the London man whose career as a cleaner allows him to flourish in the capital!


This week we’re happy to feature a familiar face in our office. A man that is well-known and well-liked at the Hepling HQ that it was only natural to sit him down for an interview.

Keeping in touch with cleaners is important for us as we love to discover the stories behind the people that work through our platform.

Meet Carlos, a Brazilian expat who moved to London 17 years ago, through listening to his stories, filled with nostalgia, it’s obvious just how much he loves living in the capital!

Carlos has been working as a cleaner through our platform for years. He loves this type of work because he’s the boss of his own schedule. Carlos likes to micromanage his time and he’s very organized when it comes to work and time off. That way, he tells  with a smile, his hobbies and passions are well nurtured!

Carlos has become a real Londoner. He finds the city just as cosmopolitan as he first found it in 1999, when he moved to the UK from Sao Paulo.  

Carlos loves the vibrancy of the capital, a melting pot of cultures that makes him feel right at home. To Carlos, London is “just the right size”, admitting that Sao Paulo, although his home, feels pretty big at times. . .

He’s got a million stories about how Brixton has evolved over the years. From a place you “wouldn’t walk by yourself late at night”, to the gentrified hub of restaurants and bars it is today. After 17 years, Carlos feels right at home in South London. He loves being a part of a “very liberal” London because the city stands united no matter what.

Carlos and his friends regularly meet up for a drink and a catch-up in Soho. A center of inclusiveness and fun in a city like London. Talking to Carlos is like catching up with an old friend. His customers trust him and his reviews are brilliant, but his cleaning philosophy is simple: “Be quick and proficient”.

Carlos Office Cleaner

With only nice things to say about his customers, Carlos is always keen to meet with them and discuss their needs and expectations for an upcoming house clean.

His advice to future cleaners planning to use Helpling is “Be polite and try to break the ice with new customers by talking to them and understanding their needs. See what kind of people they are and try to understand their expectations regarding their home clean”.

In his spare time, Carlos loves working out with weights and maintains a healthy diet. He loves to cook with his housemates, and living with  French and Portuguese housemates allows them to experiment with the different cuisines and flavours from their corners of the world.

Carlos also has a passion for reading and whenever he has some time he enjoys science fiction literature. He finds it hard to read on the tube, though, so he likes to spend a little time reading in the evening with a cup of tea!

Time seemed to fly during our chat with Carlos. He also opened up about his previous life in Sao Paulo, about his family, beautiful childhood and his degree in Business Administration Studies that he’s taken back in Brazil, which he later continued in London.

Whenever he returns to Sao Paulo to visit his family, they always ask when he will move back but Carlos loves London and will stay, in Carlos’s words: “as long as I am happy”.

We’re happy he accepted our proposal for an interview. It was lovely to get to know a person who’s been such a familiar face around the office.

Before he left the Helpling HQ, Carlos left us his top 3 book recommendations, promising to check up on our reading progress every evening! (we’ve gladly accepted his challenge, will you?)

  • The 100-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
  • The illustrated man by Ray Bradbury
  • The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

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