'Cleaner of the Month': Petronella!

*Drumroll* It’s ‘Cleaner of the month’ time.

Our (very) well deserved winner goes to the wonderful-cleaning-expert-extraordinaire…Petronella! Since receiving absolutely rave reviews from her customers, it was only a matter of time until she scooped the ‘Cleaner of the month’ prize. We had to get her into the office for a chat to find out what her secret is and to thank her for all of her hard work!

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Hi Petronella, congratulations and thanks so much for coming in to see us! Let’s get started…how did you get into cleaning?

I have a small daughter, so I needed a flexible job that would allow me to build my schedule around her. I had to work evenings and weekends and it’s quite difficult to find a job that provides this sort of flexibility, then I discovered Hassle.com!

Hassle.com is great because they find me the cleaning jobs and I can choose my availability and I get to decide what jobs I want to accept.

How would you say Hassle.com has helped you?

Before I worked with Hassle.com I was a stay-at-home mum for three years. Working with Hassle.com allowed me to integrate myself back into the working world seamlessly and without stress.

Going out and building up my own customers really helped me feel independent and it allows me to meet and get to know new people, which I love!

So it’s fair to say Hassle.com has had a really positive impact on my personal life!

Ahh that’s great to hear (and makes us happy). What about your customers, how is your relationship with them?

My customers have been really nice so far! They’re all so friendly but my favourite customer has to be a lady called Rafaela, she is so sweet.

I’m lucky too because they live close to me so that’s a plus!

As our wonderful ‘Cleaner of the Month’, do you have any helpful advice you can give to some of our new cleaners starting out?

As a cleaner, I believe that communication is key to a successful relationship with your customer. Always listen and find out exactly what your customer is expecting from the clean, then you can’t go wrong!

It’s also that you’re thorough and take pride in your work because the quality of the clean speaks for itself.

That’s awesome advice! So when you’re not working, how do you blow off steam?

I don’t have much time for hobbies as my daughter takes up so much of my time. We spend our days off going to the park and enjoying the weather. We love exploring London and we try to see as much as we can!

Also, as foreigners, my husband and I feel it’s important to get to know the city and learn as much as we can about London.

Brilliant…now where would you say is your favourite place in London to visit on a weekend?

It would definitely be Finsbury Park. It’s a lovely place to take your children; you should visit soon before it gets too cold! Also there are lots of petting zoos around the city, it’s such a cheap way to spend a sunny afternoon and the kids love it.

That’s a great tip! Thank you so much for coming in and chatting with us Petronella and congratulations on being our top cleaner – it’s so well deserved! We hope you enjoy the champagne too.