Cleaning Dracula’s Castle

Many of us struggle cleaning our tiny flat, let alone an entire medieval castle. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean the world’s most famous castle? This week, we’re celebrating Halloween in a special way and we’ve decided to take you on an imaginary trip to Dracula’s Castle, in Transylvania, with the help of our friends at Bran Castle. Gear up on your stakes and silver and join us on this bloody adventure!

Are you brave enough to come along?


The Bran Castle and its Historical Significance


The Bran Castle is regarded as being Dracula’s Castle due to the popularity generated by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. One on the most valuable architectural constructions in medieval Romania, the Bran Castle is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year who devour the Dracula Myth. But before it was Dracula’s home, the Bran Castle actually served as a fortress.

In 1377, King Louis 1st of Anjou ordered the construction of the Bran fortress mainly for strategic reasons. The fortress used to control the entry routes into Transylvania.

There is no document to attest the castle’s relationship with Vlad The Impaler, but it’s clear to see what prompted Stoker to use the castle as his inspiration for Dracula’s home.

The Bran Castle was built to serve mainly as a fortress, but later became a Royal residence for Romania’s most beloved queen, Queen Maria after 1918. It was actually Queen Maria who restored it and made it a residence fit for royalty.

Cleaning the Castle


Have you ever wondered how Dracula’s Castle maintains its impeccable image? Whilst is not yet available in Transylvania, we reached out to the Castles owner to try and understand how a castle clean is done. Think blood stained carpets, stained silverware and vampire leftovers!

Let us tell you, it’s hard work – so if you’re considering buying a castle in the near future, make sure you stock up on garlic and employ enough staff!

For the Bran Castle, basic cleaning starts after the museum ends its visitation time, 4PM in low season and 6PM in High Season and takes two hours every day.

All of the museum staff are periodically trained and updated on the cleaning by Museum Conservation experts. Contrary to popular belief, castle staff do not consume garlic as a method to fight off vampires. 

The weekly clean takes around 4 hours. As you can expect, cleaning that many rooms takes time, attention and team effort.

The precious museum exponents are handled by a special team of curators who work in collaboration with the Bran Museum.  

The materials used for the cleaning are approved by specialists. No solvents are being used and the cloth used to dust with are made from special fabrics to avoid friction or damage to museum objects.

The entire process requires patience and skill. If you ever get to visit the Bran Museum you’ll see how its objects have resisted so well over the centuries.

The Myth of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bran Castle

Let’s get things straight: aside from Halloween, vampires do not exist!  Some nations have a strong belief in dead people coming back to life to haunt the living, but it was Bram Stoker’s Dracula who really lit up everyone’s imagination. Stoker drew inspiration from a famous Romanian ruler by the name of Vlad Tepes and also by Transylvania’s breathtaking medieval appearance. Some details in the book might not be geographically correct, but Stoker was well aware of the Bran Castle and its surroundings.  

When Stoker’s novel was published, it generated a tremendous interest in the myth of Dracula and the myth of his famous castle.

Bran Castle has appeared in numerous films and documentaries and is visited by famous faces every year.

Most recently, by Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton.


 Dracula or Vlad Tepes?


In historic terms, Dracula was actually a Romanian ruler by the name of Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracul, who ruled in the 15th Century. In those times, Vlad was well known for his brutality and his thirst for blood which earned him the nickname of Vlad The Impaler. He was respected for his war tactics but feared for his extreme display of death (rumour has it, his castle was surrounded by dead bodies taken from his battles with the Turks).  Could Stoker ask for a better historical figure to tie his Dracula to?


Eyeing a Halloween Party at Bran Castle? You’re in luck!

Saturday, the 29th of October The Bran Castle will host a Dracula-heavy Halloween Party. On the menu: red wine, black vodka, pumpkins, bats, music and film!

The bravest can actually meet the most famous vampire in the world: Count Dracula Himself!

We don’t do Castle cleaning quite yet, we specialize in home cleaning service. So if this year’s Halloween party gets a little too extreme, remember you can always book a cleaner with Helpling in under 60 seconds!

Happy Halloween!