Come and meet Tom!

Tom has been working as a cleaner with since October of last year. We wanted to catch up with Tom to see how he’s getting on and find out what he loves about

Q: Hi Tom! Its great to see you again, we thought we’d kick off with an easy question; whats is your favourite thing about working for

Tom: I love, it’s just an all round great company. I like the flexibility, my customers are amazing and the staff are so helpful and welcoming too. One of my customers is normally at home while I clean, he is always so thoughtful and is always asking if I need anything or if I’d like some music while I clean. He also gives me the time and space I need to complete the job to a high standard. He is definitely one of my favourite customers.

Q: He sounds great! So do you usually listen to music while you work?

Tom: Not really, when I’m working I like to concentrate on what I am doing. When I do listen to music though, I’m a big fan of the oldies. I love Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and of course music from my country.

Q: Ah I’m sure you bust a groove every now and then. So tell me, what do you like to get up to when you’re not making the houses of London shine?

Tom: Well, I live in South London so the options are endless. I mostly go out and about in Greenwich and visit old (and new) friends in Woolwich when I can. Cooking is definitely a passion of mine, I love spending time creating new dishes.


Q: Ooh, then you know what we have to ask…If you were on Come Dine With Me, what would your winning meal be?

Tom: It would probably my famous dish Katogo.

Q: Okay, before we have to Google that, can you tell us what Katogo is (and what makes your Katogo so special)?

Tom: Katogo is an East African dish. It’s a mix of beans, potato, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers all cooked together with seasonings. You can add what you like. It’s my number one go-to dish…it helps that it’s my favourite food as well. Nothing makes you more passionate than cooking something you love. My friends love everything I cook, so I think I would win pretty easily!

Q: Mmm… that does sound pretty awesome! Bringing it back to cleaning then, do you have any tips for the other cleaners out there?

Tom: Definitely! I have a couple actually, first is to stress the importance of first impressions, is a great opportunity to build a good customer base, but if they do not like you why would they keep you?

To follow on from that, do not be disheartened from one-off bookings, if you do well for them, you can always message to ask about potential future bookings. Second, always assess you work load and use your time wisely, it’s always better to spend a little extra time to make sure your work is to a high standard. Customers really appreciate it and makes it more likely to that you’ll get more bookings with them in the future

Q: Those are some great tips! I’m sure everyone will be able to take something from that. Tom, it’s been lovely catching up with you, we really appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to feature in our blog! You’ll to bring us in some Katogo some time too (or show us how to make it!).