Commuter Hacks from Commuter Club

Commuting is one of the most time consuming things a Londoner has to put up with week in, week out.

In a city that relies so heavily on making the most of your time, every minute you can get is precious! So, our friends over at Commuter Club have put together this list of commuter hacks for us:


1. Use travel apps

Travel apps such as Citymapper and Google Maps can help you work out the exact times of the next trains or buses. It can also tell you what time you need to leave in order to reach a specific destination by a certain time. This can help you save precious minutes each day. This could mean anything from a longer lunch, to an extra lie in in the morning!

2. Stand in the aisles

On the tube it is extremely hard to guarantee a seat, especially at rush hour when people are packing themselves in like sardines in a tin. One tactic that normally works is to stand in the aisles rather than next to the doors. With a bag on the ground, this cements your spot for grabbing the closest seat (most times). This improves your journey if you lock the seat down, and if not it gives you more space than being squashed up against a door and a random person.

3. Avoid Waterloo for changeovers

Waterloo is a huge station. There are many large London Underground stations, but Waterloo is one where it is can take over 10 minutes to get to another platform during rush hour. Sometimes it is easier to avoid it completely and get a bus from another station to your location. Saves you the time and the stress.


4. Change at Baker Street

For all of you Bakerloo and Jubilee users, if you need to change somewhere on the line, here is the point to change. The reason for this is that throughout most other stations, there is a long walk, similar to the Waterloo one for changing over these lines. At Baker Street, the lines are just opposite each other making it about 10 seconds before you get your connecting train.

5. Walk between some stations

Some stations are a lot closer than you think. One of the best examples of this is Leicester Square and Covent Garden. So many people take the tube between these stations when they could make a much bigger saving and walk it, as well seeing beautiful scenery along the way. A walking London tube map can be a time saver in the busy periods.

6. Work out your exits

If you get on the tube at the right spot, it can be the difference that stops you missing your connecting train. It means you’re always well positioned to get off, and never jostling about with people to try and get to your exit quicker. To be honest, it also feels kind of cool!

7. Swap trains often!

Changing over the tube line as often as possible can sometimes shorten a journey by a long time. For example, changing at Baker Street for the metropolitan line to Wembley, rather than getting Jubilee all the way can save you over 10 minutes of time as it skips half the stops! The same goes for using the Victoria line to get past Kennington to Stockwell rather than waiting on the one line. Mix and match and see what works best!


8. Use the ticket hall at Kings Cross

Ok so every sign is telling you not to use the northern ticket hall to get to the Northern Line, but in fact it is a much quicker way. A lot of the times it helps to avoid the locomotion that occurs with following the signs, so break the rules a little! Just a little though!

9. Avoid the stairs at Covent Garden and many other stations

Yes, the number doesn’t sound too high to conquer, and there is a big queue for the lift, but can your lungs and legs or your entire body take the strain of walking up all of those stairs? If you need any reasons not too, just google the stories about people trying to conquer these mini-mountains. They aren’t pleasant.

10. If you’re buying an Annual, purchase it before January

Fares in January always go up. The best way to avoid this problem is by purchasing your Annual before January. That way you continue to pay the same prices you were paying before whilst everyone else complains about Boris Johnson’s greed!


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