Do you know the hotspots for germs around a home?

In the household, germs can be found everywhere, even in the places you least expect!

Luckily 99% of household germs are harmless, but that 1% can be particularly nasty so it’s best to keep them at bay. We all know the obvious places that germs live, such as the toilet or door handles. However, you’d be surprised to know that there are a lot more unlikely places in your home that these little microbes have set up camp!


The Laundry


It’s hard to imagine, but yes, clean laundry can make you sick! It’s important to move washed clothes from the washing machine to a dryer as soon as possible. Germs thrive in warm, damp places so your fresh load is an ideal breeding ground! If you leave your load in the washing machine for longer than thirty minutes then it’s best to put it through the cleaning cycle again!

To really rid your washing machine of these nasty germs, it’s best to add a couple spoonful’s of vinegar to the detergent compartment and put the machine on a hot cycle at least once a month and it’ll be fresh as a daisy!

The Bathroom


You spend a lot of time in your bathroom right? So you’d be delighted to know that your washroom is probably the biggest breeding ground for germs! Those damp corners in your bathtub, around the water faucets and even your shower curtain need to be cleaned regularly with disinfectant otherwise you might end up with a nasty case of mould, Lovely!

If you do come across a nasty case of mould, grab a household detergent such as Domestos spray, spray on the affected area and then using a stiff bristled brush go over the area and voilà, the mould is gone!

The Kitchen 


Would you eat food off of your toilet seat? Food cutting boards generally contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat (try digesting that thought for a minute)! A thorough cleaning of your chopping boards with anti-bacterial spray after every use (especially after handling raw meat) should keep harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E-coli at bay.

Your kitchen sponge is probably the most germ-infested object in your entire house! However, just by simply placing your wet sponge in your microwave for two minutes, will zap the pesky germs away. Also, you should remember to replace your kitchen sponges every two weeks to avoid bacteria spreading!

Bed Sheets


Has the thought ever crossed your mind, when you’re snuggled up in bed at night that you’re really rolling around in your own filth? It’s not a nice thought, is it? Studies have found faeces, E-coli and Salmonella on unwashed bed linens.

Always remember to wash your bed sheets at least once a week and at a very high temperature to rid yourselves of these nightmarish germs!


So now you know all the gory details you can stay one step ahead of those nasty germs. However, you should remember that in order to sustain a healthy immune system, sometimes a little exposure to germs isn’t a bad thing! As long as you follow our tips you should be happy and healthy this winter.

If you have any tips and tricks when it comes to keeping germs and bacteria at bay, send us your ideas to [email protected]