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“Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying” – Amelia Earhart.

There’s no better quote at the start of this story of a man who only sees the end goal.

Meet Duane, a multi-talented filmmaker, graphic designer, editor, music video director as well as an independent cleaner working through our platform. The London freelancer began working through our platform in May of last year.

With the UK film industry becoming more and more difficult to break into, freelancers are branching out and finding new ways of funding their path towards a bigger goal. As we’re sure you’re hooked on the glitzy award season that is taking place these days (Golden Globes, Bafta and finally, the Oscars) the road to these golden statuettes often entails years of hard work and sacrifice.

It’s not uncommon for artists to take on other jobs while quietly working on their passion projects. We have found a man who enjoys all aspects of his work and who isn’t afraid to acknowledge the rocky road that lies ahead of him. Actually, Duane has got so much positivity around him, it’s hard not to join him in visualising his dream.


Duane’s made waves since joining our platform becoming a sought-after cleaner and a star among his customers! Charismatic and hard working, it’s hard for him not to stand out from the crowd.

Duane started working on our platform when he realised that for reaching his goals, working sporadically in the film industry would not get him any closer to achieving them. He first turned to Helpling mainly “for the convenience of the app”. Duane feels in charge of his work and likes the opportunity of choosing the amount of work he wants to do. “I’m in control” says Duane, as he juggles his cleaning work with his passion for filmmaking,“I make the call, I manage my own time and how much money I want to make”.


He advises all independent cleaners to be personable and to talk as much as possible, though he admits “communication with newly met people can be daunting”. “The first clean for a new customer is the most important and has to be treated extremely carefully” therefore Duane asks customers to show him around the house, so he can familiarise himself with the environment and start prioritising his tasks.

Being so meticulous and detail-orientated as we’ve always known him to be, Duane always goes the extra mile, so the customer feels the high-standard of his work. “I want the customer to feel like I’ve done the work they expected and then something extra”.

Speaking of his future plans, he tells us that he’s looking to expand his creative production studio, whilst shifting focus from directing videos to editing. “Having your own studio costs a lot of money”, but Duane has already crafted a strategy in building his dream studio.  

RDT Studio “tells stories with design and production right through the post-production.” The studio works with directors, agencies and arts organisations. Duane and his colleagues at RDT Studio have their eyes set on bigger projects— Duane is looking to go into directing big time. Having met him, you can tell he is going to be a great director since he’s such a natural and gifted communicator.

He loves writing his own short films and he dreams of directing “at least two features”. Below you can watch a short directed by Duane.

Here’s someone that’s an avid cinemagoer. Duane tells us that he goes to the cinema weekly and if you’re on a quest for superb movies, try catching Arrival and Nocturnal Animals – his absolute favourite recent film releases.  

Duane’s all-time favourite films, though? “Goodfellas and E.T. should definitely be on the list”

We’re really looking forward to seeing what the future brings for Duane and we’re happy to have met such a talented guy working through our platform.



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