Dublin Cleaner Coffee Evening

Dublin has been one of the fastest growing cities in 2014. We decided to catch up with some of our fantastic Irish cleaners recently at a coffee evening thrown by our  lovely Irish Recruiters Emma and Peter.  We caught up with Emma to find out how it went!

 Hey Emma, so what’s your role here at Hassle.com Ireland?

I recruit all the great cleaners we have across Dublin

How did the first Irish Coffee Evening go?

We held two Coffee Evenings at the end of November, I have to say it was a great success! Loads of our cleaners showed up for tea and cake and few sneaky glasses of wine. We had a great evening chatting about all the goings on in the world of our cleaners here.

Did anyone have any funny stories that have happened to them while working with Hassle.com?


Oh of course there was plenty of funny stories being told and we really did have a great laugh (I can’t be telling though.) It was really nice seeing everyone swap stories and exchange some cleaning tips too. I even jotted some down for myself.

Would you recommend the Coffee Evenings to other Hassle.com cleaners?

100% YES!! When you’re working on your own you forget that other people are in the same boat as you. Everyone we met were really happy and loved the coffee evening, they thought it was great!  We received really positive feedback and they thought it was a great way to find out more about what’s going on and how they can get involved. For us recruiter’s it was excellent to hear updates from cleaners we hadn’t seen in a long time and also listening to their suggestion’s on how to make Hassle.com even better! 


From the 7th of January you will be able to pop in to meet the Hassle.com team every Wednesday in your local city from 4pm. Please email us at [email protected] if you’d like more details. We hope to see you all there!