Dublin, it's been amazing…London, here I come

Come and say hello to Emma! Emma started working for Hassle.com in Dublin when we first kicked off in June of last year. We’re really excited to announce that Emma has made the brave step to move to London to start a new life at Hassle HQ! We caught up with Emma to find out how it feels to leave lovely Dublin for the bright lights of London.

Q: Emma, exciting news! We want to know all about the big move, your job here at Hassle.com, what you’ll miss in Dublin and what you’re looking forward to most in London. Spill the beans, we want to know everything…

Emma: Haha, okay! Well, where do I start? Basically, when I take a step back to look on my time as a recruiter in Dublin, it becomes pretty evident to me why I enjoyed it so much; It was basically all down to the wonderful cleaners that I met along the way and how they helped me gain a better knowledge of different cultures, cleaning styles and ways of life.

When I began in June of last year, I instantly fell in love with the Hassle.com recruiter role. It wasn’t just the people I got to work with (that obviously helped!) but it was just so different to anything I had done before.

Emma pic

Meet Emma!


I think for me, the part I feel most fortunate about is the fact that everyday I got to meet people from all over the world (in one little – okay, tiny – office). You’d think that someone who has come over from Brazil to improve their English, wouldn’t have that much in common with a mother of two from Dublin but the amazing thing about it is, they do! They all share the same goals; they want to be in control of their own time and their own money, and what I love about working with Hassle.com is that we can help make that happen.

It was such a joy to be able to help these self motivated, self sufficient men and women start their journey off with Hassle.com. Being apart of their story to a better lifestyle is something that always managed to put a smile on my face.


Not only did I meet people who were at the very start of their Hassle.com journey, but I also got to know all of the cleaners who went on to be successful with us. I saw a few familiar faces each week at our Wednesday drop-in sessions, where I got to hear about their stories (and their progress with Hassle.com) in even more detail. We shared some laughs and even some secret cleaning tips (sorry they’re too good to tell!), but above all else we shared how much we all loved working with Hassle.com.

Although my time in Dublin was truly an enjoyable experience and I was never met with a dull day, my time there is now over. So its a “bye for now” Dublin and big “Hello” to Hassle HQ in London!

I’ve not just moved cities, but also roles at Hassle.com, moving from recruitment into a role in the Cleaner Success Team. The Hassle.com Cleaner Success Team helps ensure all of our cleaners are as successful and happy as they can be.  I’m just so grateful for my time in Dublin but I can’t wait to start making all of you as successful as you can be!

Q: Thanks so much for your time Emma, we’re really excited for your move and your new role too! And of course, we love hearing your great stories about our Hassle.com cleaners, sounds like we’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill in Dublin…well big shoes in a small office 😉