Dublin Price Change FAQs

There are important changes happening at Hassle.com, so I want to make sure that you’re fully informed.

I’m sure you have questions about our price change, so I’ve tried to answer the most common ones in this post. Think we’ve missed something? Click on our email address at the bottom of the page and let us know!


Why is the price being changed now?

Since launching in Dublin in July 2014, we’ve helped over 18,000 people find their cleaner. More and more people join Hassle.com every day, and we’ve recently struggled to keep up with the demand for cleaners. Changing the price will allow us to recruit more cleaners and make our service even better.


How much will my cleaner receive?
Hassle.com cleaners currently receive €10 per hour; once the price change comes into effect, this will increase €11 per hour. Being a cleaner involves a lot of travel and they often have upfront costs for cleaning materials. The additional pay will make it much easier to deal with this.


Why is there a difference between repeat and one-off bookings?
Most requests are fulfilled super-quickly, but sometimes our dedicated team needs to help out. They work through your initial shortlist, contacting any cleaners we haven’t heard from and adding in any others they think could help you out. If we can’t find anyone at your original time, they’ll get in touch and work with you to find another suitable time.

This can be a time-consuming process and one-off bookings may require us to do this every time. That’s why, in the interest of fairness, repeat customers pay a lower rate than one-offs.


What does Hassle.com do with it’s share?
We’re always trying to improve Hassle.com and make it as easy as possible to find your cleaner. For Dublin, our main priority is to ramp up cleaner recruitment, allowing us to cover a greater area at any time you choose. We’re confident that the change will mean we’re able to find your cleaner quicker than ever!

Of course, we’ll also be working on our app, website, and the cleaner-side of things—essentially the little things that all add up to a lot! Last, but certainly not least, we’ll make sure that our Customer Service is as brilliant and helpful as ever.


What happens if I need a replacement cleaner due to sickness/holidays?
If your regular cleaner is away due to illness or holiday, you’ll still pay the lower, repeat rate for their replacement. The only time you’ll pay the one-off rate is when you specifically request a single clean with a new cleaner.


When does this come into effect?
The new pricing will take effect from Thursday 19th May; all repeat bookings from that date onwards will be €13.90 per hour.

If you make a one-off booking before Thursday 19th May you’ll only pay €12 per hour, no matter when it takes place! Only one-off bookings made from Thursday 19th May will be priced at €15.90.


Don’t forget that if you have any other questions, you can contact us at [email protected].


Lewis from Hassle.com