Face masks with a spicy difference…

Give your face a fresh new feel in time for summer with these great face mask recipes. You’ll probably have most of the items in your kitchen already!

face mask


Believe it or not, turmeric is not just for cooking! It’s been used for many years by Indian brides to be to brighten their skin before their big day. Turmeric is high in anti oxidants, acts as an exfoliate and helps improve and even out your skin tone.

To make the turmeric mask, you’ll need;

2 tbsp gram flour, or regular flour

1 tsp turmeric*

3 tbsp yoghurt

few drops of honey (optional)

*make sure you don’t use too much turmeric as you may get a little bit of an un-natural glow

Apply a thin layer to your face and let it dry for 20 mins and rinse off. Apply your favourite moisturiser and say hello to soft smooth skin!





Avocados are not just props for your Instagram breakfast pictures! They have anti ageing properties, contain vitamin E, healthy fats and again, are high in anti oxidants!

To give your skin a deep cleanse without the harsh chemicals you’ll need;

½ avocado

¼ uncooked oatmeal

2bsp honey

1tsp lemon juice

Mash all the ingredients together in a small bowl, apply to your face and rinse off after around 20 minutes.


Add coffee to your skin routine as well as your morning breakfast routine. Coffee granules can help brighten your skin and you’ll have most of these ingredients in your cupboard!

To perk up your skin, you’ll need;

3tbsp of finely ground coffee beans

5 tbsp coconut oil (you can vary this depending on the type of consistency you want)

(if you have oily skin, add some lemon juice instead!)

Mix together and apply to your face. Once the face mask has dried rinse off!

So there you have it, some easy to make face mask recipes. Let us know what you think of them. And whilst you’re busy taking care of yourself, let Hassle.com take care of your home!