Faces of Hassle.com – Meet Emma

Meet Emma, our super awesome operations trainer!


what’s your favourite thing about working at Hassle.com?

“I think everyone says this, don’t they? Every day at Hassle.com is different and full of new learnings”

What does your job entail?

“I train all the new starters at Hassle.com, that means I organise and run group training programmes, write training manual, creating new processes and keep track of everyone’s development.”

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

“I just like it, when I see how a person goes on and overcomes personal barriers. I find this really rewarding!”

You worked on our recruitment team in Dublin, before moving down to London. In your time as a recruiter was there a particular cleaner that sticks in your memory? 

“Yess! Jeraldine Bustamate she was the first person I interviewed for Hassle.com and although her English wasn’t perfect, she was so passionate, I gave her a chance. Now Jeraldine has the best ratings from her customers! She always comes to our Hassle.com events and I introduce her as the ‘Mama of Hassle.com’. She really is super!”