Faces of Hassle.com – Meet Rushal

Faces of Hassle.com – Meet Rushal, he’s our ace marketing analyst!

Anything we want to know about numbers, he’s our man. He gives an insight on his day to day activities (and also lets us in on his favourite cleaner!).

RushalWhat does an average day look like for you? 

“On an average day, I would look at some data, checking the marketing channels and prepare the summary for the marketing budget.” 

What do you like about working at Hassle.com?

“I love working within a young and vibrant team, we all have a positive attitude and a desire to learn something new. “

Rushal, you previously worked on our recruitment team, so you must have got to know a lot of our cleaners. From all the face interviews you conducted, has there been a cleaner that stands out in your memeory? 

“Yes, Fakrah. She is my favourite cleaner. She is really experienced and customers just love her! That’s why I love working at Hassle.com, you meet such great people, every single day!”