Faces of Hassle.com – Meet Sarah


Meet Sarah, our Retention Team Lead here at Hassle.com. 

Sounds like a pretty fancy title, right? Well, Sarah’s a pretty fancy lady! 


So Sara, what does a normal day at Hassle.com look like for you? 

“Every morning (after having my first coffee!), I speak to each of my team, making sure everyone feels comfortable and they’re clear on our goals for the day. As I’m responsible for retention, I have to make sure we’re all on the same page, to ensure we have a successful day.”

Apart from the coffee, what other reasons make you like working at Hassle.com? 

“I just love to work here! But if I had to pick one thing, I would have to say it’s the sound of the bell.

The bell? Like a lunch bell?

“No, it sounds strange to you. I’ll explain, every time the bell rings, it means we’ve matched a customer with a cleaner! It satisfies me to know that we managed to make someone happy.”

Ah, we understand now. So, since working at Hassle.com have you met or spoken to a particular cleaner that sticks in your mind? 

“It was actually on my first day of working at Hassle.com. I was on the phones for customer support, trying to find a cleaner for a customer’s last minute one-off clean request. With it being such short notice, a lots of our cleaners didn’t have much time left in their schedule. But then, I phoned a cleaner called Jenny! She not only accepted the job, but called back later to asked how I was doing! She is such a pleasant and positive person – it makes me happy when I speak to her!”

Last question we promise. Retention seems to be a core part of your job, but what does retention actually mean to you?

“Retention means everything to keep our customers happy – not the easiest of jobs, but a very exciting one!”




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