Here Are 5 New Year Resolutions You’re NOT Going To Keep In 2017


It’s the end of the year and the time to draw the line and decide what went smoothly and what went slightly downhill in 2016. Making plans before the end of the year might be an inspirational thing, but let’s be honest for a second: how many of these plans are we really going to honour in 2017?

This week, we’re bringing you five New Year resolutions which will be fun to make, but totally not keep in 2017.

Going To The Gym

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Getting fit and healthy is everyone’s number one wish at the beginning of the year. As we all know, summer bodies are done in the winter and vice-versa. Setting a fitness goal is brilliant and usually people run to the gym in January. The only problem is that this ends up being the only workout that they will do, because they forget about actually going to the gym frequently. We all know that only a few of the people that start a gym memberships in January actually keep it up throughout the year.

If you want to commit to a gym routine, know that the mind is a muscle as well and it needs to be exercised into convincing your whole body to make healthy decisions.

Cooking Every Evening


Cooking healthy food and going to the gym are two plans that go hand-in-hand with each other. There’s nothing more exciting than taking up a new hobby or adding new things to our culinary CV.  Friends and family are immensely excited for all the (delicious) creations that are going to be provided to the dinner table. You may cook up a storm on Christmas Day, but the enthusiasm fades away as we get closer to the New Year. By week three of January, we’ll find ourselves microwaving a takeaway and questioning our life decisions whilst dreaming about all those scrumptious recipes we promised ourselves we’d make.

Reduce The Spend On The Bottle


It’s now time to look at the budget. Whilst we all love going out with friends and co-workers, you can’t help feeling a bit glum when you open your wallet or check your online banking. The last remaining friend, a spider that made its home in the wallet decides to quit the premises too, leaving us wondering where all went wrong. It’s now time for big financial decisions: drawing the line and deciding to stop spending so much on going out. It’s a healthy decision to make and we think of better alternatives to going out: having friends over for dinner (remember that cooking resolution?), traveling to see family and making some savings. These plans are probably made on the Christmas break and by the time everything gets back to normal, so do your going-out habits. By March our bank account will start giving us nightmares once again.

Traveling More


Travelling is a well-loved hobby, but for many reasons (see above) we never get to visit all the places we dreamt of visiting. At the end of the year, we take out the world map to be reminded of those beautiful travel dreams we’ve been ignoring all this time. Whether it’s a city break or an exotic trip on the other side of the world, we decide that 2017 is going to be the year of exploration. By the end of January, we’ll find ourselves in the office Googling sandy beaches and day-dreaming about swimming in the ocean, only to be woken-up by our boss who points out that pesky report that needs to be finalised by the end of the day. 

Cleaning More Often


There comes a time when we want to have a chat to ourselves about our bad habits and find the end of the year the perfect time to do so. As we meditate on ourselves, we suddenly realize that some of our cleaning habits could use a bit of improvement. This inner analysis concludes that it wouldn’t hurt to have our room or our home tidier. We start cleaning up immediately because big changes always start spontaneously and then … well, then that’s it. By week two of 2017  we’ve probably forgotten all about this cleaning masterplan. This cleaning resolution shouldn’t stop there and it won’t stop because there are now friends supporting this cleaning change → those friends are us, Helpling!

Don’t listen to us, though: make as many plans as possible! Just remember if you’re making cleaning plans, well, you can always count on us for finding your local cleaner in only 60 seconds!

Happy New and Cleaner Year from the Helpling team!



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