Free up your time in 2015

It’s 2015. It’s a New Year. It’s January. This can only mean one thing.


Okay, maybe it actually means two things, 1) promising yourself you’ll get back into the gym again, only to find yourself binge-watching Netflix and 2) making some New Years resolutions to make 2015 ever better than 2014! Well we want to make them *both* happen!

So to celebrate (and give you a gentle prod of encouragement to keep on going), we’re giving 3 people the chance to win a 3-month free clean *and* to get £150 (or €200) to spend on making their resolutions come true. Sound to good to be true? Nope, we wouldn’t lie to you.

We’d also love to chat to you about how you’re getting, why you chose your resolution on and feature your awesome resolution on our blog!

How do you get involved? Easy! Like, crazy easy. Just head here and let us know how you’d free up your time in 2015. Be creative, think outside the box, admit your clown-schooling dreams.

That’s it. May all your clowning dreams come true, we believe in you *honks clown air horn*.

Need the link again? No worries. It’s right here!