The funniest, most ridiculous ironing fails of the internet!

Confession time: we’re all guilty of doing this!

Ironing will go down in history as one of the most painful chores know to man. That doesn’t mean it will go down without a fight. We have crawled through the deep and dark corners of the Web to expose the funniest, most ridiculous ironing fails online!

The Carpet Burn

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we’ve all attempted to iron that shirt on the floor. For a split second, we pat ourselves on the back for such genius improvisation. Then we look at the carpet in despair as we notice a large dark stain. We empathize completely with these people that have experienced this and have lived to tell the tale.

The Classical Shirt Burn

There’s something irresistible between an iron and a shirt. A true Romeo and Juliet love story that leaves its mark mostly on the latter. The second most common mistake that we make is pressing the iron on a shirt for too long and failing to adjust the temperature!

The Hair Ironing Trend of 2000

This one is probably exclusive to women. Back in the day when hair straighteners weren’t popular, but we were keen on straight hair, we got creative and turned our attention towards…the iron. This popular trend was a team effort; you set up the ironing board, grabbed a friend, preheated the iron and applied to hair. Innovative, right? Behold this insane hair straightening tutorial. Please, do not try this at home!

Overthinking Your Ironing Needs

Perfectionism is a quality. Unless we’re referring to ironing, in which case we might have a problem. Going all out with your ironing is fine and we understand the people that iron their shirts to perfection, iron their jeans, iron their underwear (!) but shoelaces? When is far too far? Take Scotty T  from Geordie Shore, for example, who aims for ironing perfection! #IroningHero #IroningGoals

Ironing clothes with hair straighteners

We’re busy people and we improvise under pressure. When we’re in a rush to leave the house but notice creases on our shirts we find a solution in record time. Nevermind the whole process of taking off the shirt, putting out the ironing board, plugging in the iron, etc. No, we reach for the best possible portable iron: the hair straightener. If it works for hair, it works for shirts too. Right?

Don’t be shy! Let us know of your personal ironing disasters!