Got a local Hero?

We’re on the lookout and we need your help! We need to know who your local hero is. Okay, so we’re not talking Superman, Batman or Aquaman (does he really count as a hero? We’re unsure…) but instead, we’re looking for the local charity that has a place in your heart.


You see, we big believers in local. Local cleaners for your home, local charities that we can help give back to and of course, the Kylie Minogue song ‘Local-motion’. Jeez, that was awful, we’re sorry. We’re giving ourselves a time out.

…Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to local! See it’s a big part of what we do. We match you with cleaners in your local area so not only do we match you with a cleaner near to you, but you’re also helping give back to your local community and helping create jobs in your area. It’s win-win!

So it’s time for you to get your thinking caps on! We’re looking to take local to the next level. Let’s up the game. We want your ideas of charities in your local area that for an exciting project we’re brewing up. But it’s top (top) secret at the moment.

So now’s the time to act. Let’s make your community the one to beat. Let us know what local charity you love by sending your ideas and why they’re so special to [email protected]