Hassle.com caught up with Sandra, our first showcased artist!

Sandra has been working with Hassle.com since January of this year. Not only is she an awesome cleaner, she’s also an incredible artist! Her work is currently being shown in ART LOT Dublin.

We decided to catch up with Sandra to find out more about her and her amazing art.

First off Sandra, your artwork is amazing, it’s quite different to anything we’ve seen before. How would you describe it?

Thank you! My practice stemmed from ideas based on zoomorphism (imagining humans as non-human animals) From this idea I create hybrid paintings and sculptures that blur the lines between animals and humans. I paint using acrylic paints, markers and pen on to mainly fashion magazine snippets. Most of my materials are recycled with the help of friends, family and even some people I clean for, they collect magazines from newspapers and instead of throwing them in their recycle bins they save them for me. I use the paint almost like a layer of makeup to transform models and people into hybrid beings.

.sandra art

That’s so interesting!  You have sculptures in your collection as well, could you tell us more about them?

For my sculptures at the moment I am using recycled cardboard and newspapers that are wrapped around a wooden frame that I build to resemble a human skeleton almost. I scrunch the newspapers to make the form of a person’s body and then seal them with brown packaging tape.

I never originally planned for these to be my primary materials for sculpture making but after making some small sculptures from them to visualise my 2d ideas in 3d I enjoyed the process and like the effect the packaging tape gives as it makes it difficult to see where the animal starts and human ends.

Has art always been something you’ve wanted to do, or has it just developed over time?

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, I was always creative and my family gave me great encouragement from a young age. I actually graduated from a BA in fine art in November from DIT. I loved college as it gave me the freedom to just do art non-stop for 4 years without having to worry about anything else.

It was an escape of some sort that gave me time to develop as an artist. I think without it I would definitely not be where I am now but at the same time we are all born artists, anyone can be an artist without a degree once you apply yourself and you are passionate. It’s a lot of work though, it isn’t just about making pretty pictures, there are parts that I hate like; self-promotion, filling out forms and applications and showing your face at events for networking.

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Does the flexibility of Hassle.com offer allow you to devote more time to your work?

It really does! The reason I got back into cleaning was to fund my art after I left college. I chose to apply for Hassle.com because it allowed me to pick my own days and hours which lets me work around my daughter being in school and giving me allocated time to spend in the garage.

 That’s great to hear, where can we come and see your work?

At the moment I have some sculptures on display in ART LOT Dublin, It is an outdoor space on the corner of Harcourt road. You will also be able to catch some of my work at this years electric picnic in September. In September I’ll be at the Dublin food co-­op for Culture night 2015 I will have some sculptures on display. You can also see some of my work on Facebook. (Psst! You can see it here)


How is the Dublin art scene, is it as progressive as you would like?

Dublin personally I think has a great art scene, if you look around you can find some artists doing incredible work. I think what is really suffering is space for artists. I have looked around pricing studios so I can be involved with other creative people because at the moment I am working alone in a garage in Glasnevin and am finding it quite difficult. The only thing stopping being involved in artists studios is the price. There are some vacant places that the council rent to artists which is great but there could be more. I think that putting artists into vacant spaces is a great way to occupy and maintain the space but also a great way that artists could give back to the community.

Is there any long term goal to your work, or is it something you… just do instinctively?

I never thought I’d be an artist. I never planned to go to college but I did and here I am. I would never have imagined that I would be selling my art and have invitations to show my work after college. It is all still very new to me and I am still trying to get my head around a lot of things at the moment but I am always learning and developing.

I have made no goals yet, I love making, it makes me happy and I feel most comfortable when I am creating. I’m just enjoying the ride at the moment and sitting back to see where it goes.