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Exciting news for Helpling!, Europe’s first online platform for booking a trusted and local cleaner is now fully rebranded to Helpling. With this move, the platform aims to extend its market leadership in the UK and Ireland. Helpling, Europe’s leading platform for booking household services, had acquired its British counterpart in summer 2015. From today, the rebranding is final. was founded in late 2012. For the first time in Europe, the online platform allowed its customers to book a domestic cleaner online. In summer 2015, the company was acquired by Helpling, Europe’s leading online marketplace for home services. Helpling is active in nine countries across three continents and has secured €67M of investment since its launch in early 2014.

After the acquisition, the companies put their joint effort into successfully paving the way towards one global brand. Thus, the focus laid on adaptations behind the scenes: In early 2016, Helpling adopted’s technology worldwide. At the same time, the British company benefitted from taking over important operational processes from Helpling. It enabled the company to be the first platform in the UK to expand nationwide in late summer 2016 – customers were now able to use the service in more than 17 cities including London, Manchester and even Glasgow.

The first steps towards the rebranding began at the end of last year: The Helpling icon was integrated into the branding. From today, the website and any other communications material will change from’s purple to Helpling’s green. However, the rebranding will not cause any changes for the platform users: The two companies already provided the same services in the past and will simply continue doing so under one name. That means the ongoing long-term relationships between customers and cleaners will stay the same.

Speaking of the change, CEO of, Sam James, says: “Since the acquisition by Helpling in 2015, a lot of hard work has been happening in the background to make the rebranding possible. We are very proud of how much trust and loyalty we have built towards cleaners and customers with during the last four years. The global brand is the base for accelerated growth and will enable us to further strengthen our position as the UK’s and Ireland’s market leader for home cleaning.”



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