How #LondonClean are you?

You could be forgiven for thinking that when we began to look at the cleanest and dirtiest places in London, we were hoping to cause a little bit of friendly banter between the clean-conscious and the dirty-dwellers of London (Would we do a thing like that?!).

Now that the results are in, the votes have been counted, we can announce that the cleanest area of London is…N1! That’s right, congratulations to the clean as a whistle citizens of Islington. Angel has never been a more fitting description.

Of course, in the true North / South London rivalry, the folks south of the river are not ones to be outdone by their rivals. It seems that the south Londoners are the most dirt-conscious, booking nearly a quarter more cleans than their rivals in the north.

But what about the rest of the city? Who’s snatching the #LondonClean bronze medal and who’s left with a dirty face? Our bronze medal goes to East London – don’t be fooled by the scruffy beards and street graffiti throughout East London, it seems they like to leave the grime at the door and come back to clean digs. But that does mean that West London gets left behind in the dust (quite literally, it seems!).

It’s official,  Islington have come out on top of our #LondonClean survey and are sitting pretty (and clean!) in first place. But can they keep the lead? Or will their rivals in South London manage to topple them? And can West London clean up their act to make it onto the winners podium? We’ll be keeping an eye out in the future to see how things shape up.

Make sure you check out our infographic below to see how the rest of London cleans up (and spy on how your friends are doing too!).


Want to know more about how #LondonClean your area is? Tweet us your postcode to us @hassle with #LondonClean and we’ll let you know how you stack up against the rest of the city.