I Joined An Online Cleaning Platform And Here’s What Happened!

Here at Helpling, we’re really proud to be working in partnership with more than 2,500 independent cleaners. However, have you ever speculated as to how exactly we do this?

Let’s Begin


Hi! I’m Roxy, I run the Social Media for Hassle.com. 

I’m asked on a daily basis how the cleaner recruitment process works, and even though it’s easy for me to provide an answer, since I work here, I wanted to actually go through the process and show you exactly how it’s done! I took it upon myself to go through the process and share with you the details.


It began by submitting an online application to helpling.co.uk/apply where I enter personal information such as my full name, address and details of any prior cleaning experience. When done, I’m told that a member from the Helpling recruitment team will be in touch to discuss my application further.



I then receive a call from a friendly voice on the other end inviting me to one of their recruitment open days at their head office in London. In preparation, I’m told to bring along with me photographic ID, a recent bank statement and contact details for two professional references.

If you have any doubts about the kind of documentation required, you can contact our friendly support team on 0203 322 1136 or alternatively at [email protected]


I arrive at their head office reception and I’m immediately greeted by a member of their recruitment team. Pretending that I know nothing about the company, the lovely receptionist kindly offers me a bit of background on the business and hands me a registration form to complete.


I fill in the application alongside many other cleaners looking to work through the online platform. I notice that many of them are from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life, but that they have one thing in common – excitement around becoming their own boss.


I’m invited for a one-to-one interview with a member of the recruitment team where we discuss my employment background, prior cleaning experience, personal interests and why I wish to work through the platform. I’m then asked if I am willing to accept bookings where customers have pets and what cleaning tasks I am willing to undertake e.g. ironing.

I’m told that I will be my own boss, taking full control over my working schedule, deciding which areas I wish to receive job alerts for, the ability to accept or reject a job without question and that all cleaners operating through their platform earn the London Living Wage of £9.40 – bonus!


This is an essential part of the process. You must have the right to live and work within the United Kingdom in order to be registered as self-employed and consequently work through the Helpling platform. If you are from outside of the EU, you will require a Stamp 4 Visa.


Fortunately, a member of their recruitment team approaches everyone individually to provide them with any further support or to elaborate further on any specific points made. This includes technical questions on the app technology and further information on the company.



After the face-to-face interview, I join everyone else in a cosy open-plan area where I’m given a useful information packet which elaborates in more detail information on the platform including their technology, background on the company and more. I give it a quick one over and then a member of their recruitment team holds a presentation on how everything works at Hassle.com

They particularly elaborate on their cleaner app, which is essentially a bible for cleaners working through the platform! They explain that we would receive job alerts in our local area which will display a customer’s name, address and cleaning tasks required and that all cleaners are able to view and edit their calendars accordingly via the app – smart little thing!

Lastly, I’m asked to stand against a white wall (with a big cheesy smile) in order to have my picture taken. Should I be successful, this will be the friendly face that customers will see when making a booking! I’m then told by the recruitment team that my references will be contacted and, depending on application, my online profile will be activated. Hurrah!

At the end of the orientation, I say my goodbyes to everyone, wish them good luck and head back to my desk to focus on my other job! In a couple of days (or even sooner, if everything is in place) Helpling will be in touch to activate my profile and set me up as an independent cleaner!


With a minimum of six months prior cleaning experience, two professional references, and a strong work ethic, you could be a perfect match for our platform.

Finally, the process of becoming a cleaner is complete. If you’re still in any doubt about the registration process, feel free to message me directly on our Twitter or Facebook account. Alternatively, you can contact our recruitment team at [email protected]

Helpling is the leading platform for booking a local and trusted cleaner online. Every week, we match thousands of customers with independent cleaners in their area – from London to Belfast to Cambridge and beyond – freeing up their time to enjoy the better things in life.

With a seamless 60-second booking process, secure online payments and a dedicated customer support team, Hassle.com is the most convenient way to find and book your local cleaner.