Hungerlust: A guest blog by Social Belly

The culture surrounding food is one of the most subscribed to around the world. It is one of the things that truly unites us as human beings. Hungerlust is the strong desire to eat and experience great food. Much like Wanderlust, but just for food.


Now the question is, does Hungerlust come from an innate desire or is it something we develop throughout our lives? What is it that determines our dietary choices? Sure, we may have innate factors that influence our habits, but through our life we discover new and diverse foods, when given the chance. Have you ever stopped to consider what relationship you have with food? Do you eat to survive or do you eat for pleasure. This strongly relates to one of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology; the Nature vs Nurture debate. Is the nature of food survival and is the nurture of it selection? As Mehmet Oz says, “Genetics loads the gun, but we pull the trigger”


Some people believe genetics determine your likes, that what your mother ate at pregnancy determines what you prefer. Others believe that where you grow up and what you get used to predispositions you to make different food choices. But it is up to individuals themselves as well to choose what they want to eat. YOU can teach yourself food through experience, company, context and interests. There will always be tastes to acquire, some lost, some gained, but it is up to you to decide how and what you wish to gain.


Genetics may play a role in metabolism and tolerances but the general acquisition of interest in food comes from somewhere else. Influences before you are born are very important when it comes to the evolution of your food habits. Not only does the way you are brought up and the possibilities open to you, determine to an extent your habits but also the meaning of food. Sure, we are trying to raise awareness globally about food in general, but what better way to do this than spread experiences? Food should be enjoyed and appreciated.


The beauty of the modern world or living in a city like London is that we have become a collaborative society who share our love of different cuisines and customs with each other. The ease in which we seamlessly go from one food habit to another, is a testament to modern travel and our ability to interact with each other. Today, we have endless opportunities to experience food in a different way, we just need to initiate it.


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