It's that (potentially dreaded) time of year….Secret Santa time!

When the beginning of December rolls around each year, we generally know what’s coming in offices around the world…Secret Santa!

Love it or hate it, you know that email is probably coming into your inbox. And of course, even with all the warning in the world, but when it comes to the day of the present exchange…you know people are still going to be sorting their presents right up until the very last minute!

We’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s Secret Santa (and Christmas Party day) Here at Hassle HQ, and even now people are frantically wrapping presents in recycled wrapping paper and random items found around the office!

photo (9)

A few of the Secret Santa presents under the tree!

But how do you go about choosing a secret santa present? Now *that’s* the tricky part. Luckily, someone has already thought ahead. The clever folks at Euroffice. So no matter who you’ve got this year, this guide can help!


And if you’ve still got some time to buy your Secret Santa, here’s some gift ideas for you! Check them out here! 

Good luck with your present buying, we hope you find a good’un.