Loving your home

This February we’re all about love, loving your home that is!

And what better way to show your home a bit of love, than by going green when you clean.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of our friends at VERDAY who are all about green cleaning, to shared their expertise.



People more often than not end up using toxic chemicals all over their home, either because of convenience, or lack of knowledge. These chemicals can cause anything from minor skin irritation and watery eyes to more severe forms of damage. Perhaps most frightening of all, is the amount of children who swallow these cleaners left open inside the home, inevitably leading to severe illnesses.

That’s where green cleaning comes in! There are so many alternatives to using toxic chemicals that don’t compromise on quality and your home will love you for.

loving your home


Many green cleaning products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources (so you can be good to the planet as well as your home).

But let’s face it: most green products suck at cleaning, right? Sure they’re safe, but they just don’t clean tough substances like grease, tar, and (most importantly!) wine stains.

That’s where you’re wrong, advances in green products solve these common problems.



Using non-toxic products to clean your home has never been easier. With VERDAY, you can use a variety of safe products around food, children and pets. From multi-purpose cleaners, to degreasers, to glass and furniture, dish soap and laundry, we have you covered from your front door to your bedroom.

So this February why not show a little love to your home, after all, Valentine’s Day comes but once a year (but we’d suggest you clean your home more than once a year).

Remember: Keep it clean. Keep it fresh. Keep it safe. And keep it VERDAY this VDay! 

loving your home

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