Manchester ‘On-Demand’ Dinner

A couple of weeks ago, on a rare sunny Thursday evening in Manchester we headed up above the city to the highest bar, Cloud 23, to chat about how on-demand services are coming to Manchester.

Over the past year or so Manchester has seen many awesome new businesses popping up that are changing the way people use services. In honour of this, we invited some of our friends from Uber, who pick you up and drive you to where you need in style and Deliveroo, who deliver meals from your favourite restaurants right to your door, (and us too, who match you with local, trusted cleaners for your home!) along with some of our media friends to on-demand themed nibbles and drinks.


With the beautiful setting sun in the background shinning over Manchester, we talked about how Manchester is the perfect place for the new wave of startups to launch their services.

Manchester sunset

After completing 15,000 hours of cleaning and creating 100’s of jobs since we launched in Manchester last August, the team is excited to see what Manchester will bring next.

In a recent piece in the Manchester Evening News, our CEO Jules Coleman explained how “[Manchester]’s an exciting hub for tech companies and early adopters”.

Both ourselves ( and Uber chose to launch in Manchester as the second city in the UK. Uber chose to launch in Manchester because it was the place in the UK where the most people had downloaded their app before the service was available there.

Deliveroo launched in March and already has 45 restaurants to choose from in central Manchester. Dan Warne, Director of UK Operations said: “We’re very excited to be launching in Manchester. It’s the perfect city for Deliveroo, traditionally being frontrunners in innovation, and with such an exciting restaurant and food scene at the moment we’re thrilled to be a part of it all.”

manchester startup drinks

With more Mancunions taking full advantage of services like, Uber and Deliveroo it is no surprise that new businesses are looking to Manchester as a great place to launch and Manchester becoming the obvious choice outside of London


On the back of the recent announcement of the TechNorth initiative that has pledged £2m of support per year for startups in the North, we hope to see even more services being launched over the coming year that will change the lives of Manchester residents.