Meet Ahmed, a cleaner who gave his mum an amazing gift!

Ahmed has been working with almost since day one. We caught up with Ahmed who told us his incredible story.

Through working with, he made enough money to help his mum rebuild her home!

We’ll take you back a bit though. Ahmed grew up in Sierra Leone, where his home was bombed, his father tragically died and his family had to try and rebuild their lives. Ahmed moved to the UK 5 years ago to start a new life in the UK, not knowing anything about Britain other than it had good football teams.

He arrived in Britain and moved in with some of his brother’s friends in Hackney. “I could feel the opportunity”, says Ahmed. “This was a chance to make a new start for myself and to help my mother to restore the house.”


When Ahmed first started working with he says he didn’t sleep some nights waiting for text alerts for new jobs to come in. He says: “My phone didn’t leave my hand as I wanted to be the first to get the work.” Through his hard work and determination, he’s managed to build up a base of regular clients who are delighted with the fantastic job he does.

He loves the satisfaction a sparkling home brings his customers. “My customers are all very friendly, and I feel like they really appreciate me,” says Ahmed. “The ladies especially like the kitchen to look good, very ‘bling bling.’”

Ahmed is rightly proud of what he’s achieved, he’s made enough money in the UK to rebuild his mother’s home. He says: “She is so proud of us. It’s the best feeling in the world. She’s 79 now and is still living in Sierra Leone comfortably and safely.

We’re incredibly proud of Ahmed, not only is he one of our best cleaners. but he’s achieved something truly fantastic.

Keep up the great work Ahmed!