Meet André, The Cleaner of the Month!

This week, chose Andre as our Cleaner of the Month. Since joining us in February, Andre has gone on to become a really successful cleaner, gaining stellar customer reviews for his excellent cleaning and his cheerful, upbeat character.

I invited the man of the hour, Andre into Hassle HQ for a little catch-up to find out a bit more about this cleaning extraordinaire and his secrets to success with


 What drew you to join as a cleaner?

I came across the concept of online and I thought it was perfect it because it takes away the aggro of actually having to find customers myself.

 So why did you decide to work as a cleaner in the first place?

Because it’s great, flexible work! I also, really think it’s important to take pride in whatever work you do because you’re building on your own reputation. I love to see the look of gratitude and satisfaction on my customers face when they come home to see I’ve done an amazing job cleaning their house. I guess that’s why I chose to work as a cleaner.


 We definitely agree with you there Andre! Do you have any advice for any of our new cleaners out there?

My advice to an individual starting out as a cleaner is to be confident, you are your own boss! Always give a hundred-and-fifty percent. Be approachable and always speak to the customer and find out exactly from the client what they expect from you. That way your customer can never be disappointed.

One thing I find helpful, is to set myself an alarm on my phone for every hour of the clean so I know how much time I’ve got to spend in each room of the home. The more you know about the clean and what is expected of you then the more successful you will be!

So what cleaning materials can you never be without when you go to a customers home?

I think most importantly, you must have your gloves. Have a good pair of Marigolds on you because safety is really important! I also use Viakal to clean chrome, it’s fantastic to clean with and it doesn’t leave marks!

 Brilliant advice. Cleaning aside, you are living and working in London. What is your favourite thing to do in the city?

Well I’m actually a trained opera singer. I go and perform out quite a lot as music is very important to me. London has so much to offer, everyday you can discover something new. I like to eat out with friends and I’ve been involved in a number of opera productions. There’s an opera production coming up in June which I’ve been working on also!

 That’s an amazing fact! So how does that translate into cleaning?

Well when I’m cleaning for a client and I’m on my own, I just plug in my earphones and play my classical music, it’s very therapeutic!

Finally, what does working with mean to you?

I believe that when you go to a customers house, take pride in yourself because you are self-employed, you are effectively your own little business! It’s important to remember that you are representing and you should be proud of that and wear a smile!

 Well said Andre! It’s been great chatting and getting to know you and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for your name in lights on the West End!

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