Meet Ben, and his magnificent beard!

When it comes to representing on the beard front in the office, Ben raises our beard game a good 212%. It’s pretty much unrivalled.

We caught up with Ben over a beer to find out more about him, what he gets up to at and which 5 famous people he’d have at his Come Dine With Me style dinner party (Hint: they’re pretty great choices!). Come and meet Ben!

Q: Ben, hello! Thanks for chatting with us, we knew the beer would work as a persuasion technique (okay, a bribe). So tell us, what do you get up to at and what does your day to day look like? 

Ben: No worries, who could turn down the beer technique?! At, I’m a Designer and Front-End Developer. I’m usually tasked with everything, from illustrations and shipping print work, to working on new product features and tidying up code for the site.


Q: We see, a man of many talents. And what attracted you to

Ben: It’s a young team, so any finger wagging is non existent here! We’re flexible, motivated and always learning and applying that knowledge to a massive variety of problems that we face day-to-day. Also, I get to work on an exercise ball!


This is ben. You can clearly see why the beard raises our beard game 212%!

Q: Look, we’re not here to judge the exercise ball, but….moving on! When you’re not working, what do you get up to? 

Ben: Oi, don’t be knocking the ball. In my spare time, i’m probably working on side projects, honing my illustrator skills or reading comics. When I’m back at home, riding my motorcycle.

Q: Where’s your favourite place to go in the city? 

Ben: I don’t really have any favourite places to go just yet, I just recently moved here so getting out and about as much as I can. Ask me again in 6 months!

Q: Fair enough, but you have been to the Beehive (our Hassle HQ local), so that’s a start. Any favourite start ups? 

Ben: I love what the guys over at LostMyName are doing. It’s a difficult industry to apply startup ‘principles’ to, but they’re absolutely nailing it.

Q: Good choice. And if you could run your own startup, any ideas? 

Ben: Something charity based, I reckon. I love foundations like SmallCanBeBig that help ordinary people get back on their feet after an unexpected turn.

Q: Okay, a few quick-fire questions for you. Get ready!

Ben: Wait, let me prepare. Okay….hit me.

Q: Who’d play you in a movie?

Ben: Someone bearded!

Q: When you were 10, what did you want to be?

Ben: A brain surgeon, I think. Totally realistic.

Q: Ambitious goals! Now the real choice, coffee or tea?

Ben: Tea

Q: Favourite cocktail?

Ben: Zombie.


Ben, sans beard. Saving ducks…all round champion guy.

 Q: Nice! good quick-fire round Ben. Last few questions coming up. What annoys you most?

Ben: People who decide to send their texts when exiting busy commuter trains.

Q: Commuter rage, we feel your pain. Your Come Dine With Me style dinner party, which 5 celebs are invited?

1. Henry Rollins – for his unique perspective on life and travel

2. Hunter S. Thompson – again, unique perspective on life (albeit somewhat dark)

3. Will Ferrell – That dude would make me laugh until I passed out

4. Carl Sagan – he was the man that could bring back the childhood curiosity you always had about the planets and stars

5. Mark Everett – lead singer of the Eels, I reckon he’d be good to talk to

Q: Love it. So the beer is finished, so we’ll call it quits there Ben! Thanks for the chat, it’s been great.

So that’s Ben, our impressive bearded, duck saving, comic loving illustrator and front end developer! Got a question for him we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comment

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