Meet Elaine & Akin – our married cleaner couple!

We caught up recently with Elaine & Akin. As well as being two of Manchester’s finest cleaners, Elaine and Akin are also married!

It was a great opportunity to catch-up with the super-nice cleaning couple and ask them some questions about themselves, each other, and what it’s really like work for

Q: Ok, first question, what area of Manchester do you two currently live in?

Elaine: We currently live in Withington, and have done for the past 8 years. I’ve lived in Manchester my whole life, Manchester born and bred.

Akin: And I grew up in Nigeria, and moved here later in life.

Q: Why did you both choose to apply for, what stood out about us?

Elaine: Well I really liked the flexibility of being able to choose what days I wanted to work. I liked the idea of being able to fit the job around my schedule.

Akin: Yeah, I applied after Elaine had already gotten the job, as it sounded great being able to tailor the job to suit me.

Q: That’s great to hear! What’s your favourite thing about working for

Akin: I like the fact you get payed a few days after each job. It’s good being able to see the reward for your work right away, instead of having to wait a month for payday!


 Q: Lovely. Now let’s talk more about you two. What are some of your favourite places to go in Manchester?

Elaine: We both really like Top’s Buffet Restaurant in the City Centre, and.. what’s that African restaurant in Moston called again? We love eating there. There’s also a new Caribbean restaurant in the Centre, Turtle Bay, that’s pretty good.

*Okay, sadly we never got to the bottom of that question…so if you know a great African restaurant in Moston, answers on a postcard to please!

Q: Big fans of food? We can relate! What do you like to do in your free time?

Akin: I’m really into football. I used to play for a team but now I mainly enjoy watching matches.

Elaine: I enjoy going to the gym, doing aerobics, cycling, basically all things fitness! 

Q: Do either of you listen to music while cleaning, and if so what genre?

Elaine: I’ll always put on something, usually just like chart music really.

Akin: I like to listen to R’n’B while I work, my favourite artist is R Kelly.

Q: Do you have any cleaning tips that you think everyone should know?

Both: Hard work is key!

Q: Haha, love that answer…but now back to food. What’s your favourite?

Elaine: It’s got to be Salmon.

Akin: Just a jacket potato with butter.

Elaine: *Laughing* He likes it very basic!

 Q: How long have you two been together?

Akin: We’ve been together for 10 years now.

 Q: And were you both always working as cleaners?

Elaine: No, I used to be an Aerobics teacher.

Akin: Just cleaning, I work as a caretaker in a building as well for a company called Citypress.


 Q: Do you share cleaning tips with each other?

Elaine: Yes, I do all the time! My daughter used to have a cleaning company which I worked for, so I’m always giving Akin tips on stuff he should do in people’s homes that most people wouldn’t think to do. It’s just little things like folding the end of the toilet roll into a V shape.. things like that!

Q: And not the controversial question, who does the cleaning at home and who’s better?

Akin: Elaine!!

Elaine: *Laughing* Yeah, I think it’s me.

Akin: Because we both work as cleaners now though we share the housework, I can’t get out of it anymore!

Q: Because you both work in the same area, do you compete for every job or decide who’s going to get each job between you?

Akin: Well, we usually will decide who’s going to take the job.

Elaine: But yeah, sometimes it is a bit of a quick draw to see who can text back faster!

We love the competitive streak there!! We had a great time meeting up with and chatting to’s first (and hopefully not last!) husband and wife cleaning-duo-supreme!

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