Meet Helen, our Cleaner of the Month!

So the time has come to announce our Cleaner of the Month and we couldn’t be happier with this month’s winner!

She is one of our top rated and most loved cleaners, so we were pretty thrilled to have her stop by the office for a coffee and a chat!

Helen has been with for well over a year now and she definitely knows her stuff! Born and bred in West London, Helen is a true Londoner who aside from cleaning with us, also has a stall on Portobello Market selling her hand-made Mosaics. On top of that, Helen is currently pursuing an Open University course in Arts and Humanities!

It’s fair to say that Helen is a Jack of all trades and is clearly passionate about what she does. Her customers love her, not only for her brilliant cleaning skills but also for her friendly and warm nature.

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to sit down with Helen and get to know our Cleaner of the Month!


As a West-Londoner, what do you love most about living in the area?

I live in Ladbroke Grove, so every year The Notting Hill Carnival goes right past my front door! Hyde Park is only a twenty-minute walk away and you can’t beat Portobello Market. There’s a lot going on in West-London and especially with Notting Hill Carnival , you meet the most amazing characters!

So tell us about your Mosaics!

I’ve been doing Mosaics since I was a child really. I can make anything from coasters to big murals. I was recently commissioned to do a large mural on a restaurant wall with a Space Invaders design, which was pretty cool! I’ve also been requested to design a mosaic for a client’s swimming pool in Australia, so it’s going quite well!

My mosaic business is similar to cleaning in the sense that I usually build up my customers through the positive recommendations of others, so I’m very happy with how it’s coming along.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.05.29


We also hear you’re also studying at The Open University, how are you able to juggle all of your commitments, as well as finding the time to pursue your degree?

I find that provides a certain flexibility that allows me to pursue my other projects. I love the one-off bookings the most because you meet interesting people and the jobs are always different, which is good for my ever-changing schedule.

I have three regular customers who I get on with really well, other than that I do a lot of one-off bookings!

Flexibility is definitely one of the main reasons a lot of cleaners join, so we can definitely relate with you there! How are you finding your course and being back in education?

I am loving my Humanities course! We have studied everything from Modern Poetry to Ancient Egypt and I’m really throwing myself into the experience. Because it’s an Open University course, so we only have to go to class once a month. The rest of the time we do our studying at home which works perfectly for me!

We do have a lot of cleaners that are pursuing qualifications or careers outside of their work with, so it’s great news for us to hear! Finally, what does a typical week for you look like?

Normally, Monday is my day off. I spend all weekend with my daughter so it’s nice to have a bit of me time! As I accept a lot of one-off bookings with, the rest of my week changes all the time! It’s usually spent either cleaning for my clients or designing and creating my mosaics.

I guess that brings us to the end of our interview, thank-you for stopping by!

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Check out Helen’s mosaics on Flickr. If you have any questions, or simply want to say hi, then drop us an email to [email protected]