Meet Marbella and Andrea, two of our amazing Dublin cleaners…

Meet Marbella and Andrea. As well as being amazing cleaners in Dublin, they’re also our Venezuelan-sister-combo (That’s a pretty great combo!).

Recently, I was lucky enough to catch up with them both recently to find out all about them and talk about all things, rock music, bucket lists and cartoon phone cases…But I’ll let them take it away from here!

Q: So…let’s get started, where did you both grow up?

We grew up in Lara-Barquisimeto in Venezuela

Q: And where do you live now?

Now, we live in Sandycove, Co.Dublin.

Q: And what brought you both to work with

Because offers safety for both customers and cleaners! And have a fast and efficient system that helps us to find the bookings on a regular basis. The main thing is that it is definitely much safer for us.

 Q: Yay! If you were recommending to a friend, what would you say? is the best company for you because it offers you new jobs every day! The system is really quick and their payments are always on time. Its also great because you can choose which jobs you accept and work whatever way suits you.


Q: Okay…tell us a bit more about you. Where’s your favourite place to spend time in the city?

Well we live out in Sandycove just by Dun Laoghaire so we appreciate what surrounds us out here. So we’d have to say the beach, we love the beach out here, however the water is freezing so we just like to hangout here rather than swim.

Q: What do you both get up to in your spare time?

Andrea: We probably spend most of our time watching movies. We LOVE movies.

Marbella: We also love discovering new places together whether it’s in Ireland or abroad.

Q: Who would you like to play you in a movie?

We both agree on this one, we would love to be the princess who is snatched up by the handsome Prince. Hahaha!

 Q: What music do you listen to while you work?

Andrea: Nice relaxing music no particular genre

Marbella: Rock Music!


Q: What’s your best cleaning tip? Any top tips? 

Andrea: To get all the surface cleaned first move on from there!

Marbella: DON’T use the yellow cloths for cleaning windows. (it’s a long story hahaha!). Also don’t listen to loud rock music while hoovering. You can’t hear the customer if they are speaking with you and I’ve gotten a big fright on many occasions when I turn around and all of a sudden they are standing behind me.

Q: Ultimate holiday destination? And why?

Marbella: London, I was at two rock festival’s there and it was unbelievable, especially download festival – that was my favourite. I’m a huge rock fan and the music was out of this world not to mention how great London was while I was there. Definitely my ultimate holiday destination.

Andrea: I’m staying a bit more local and going to say the Cliffs of Moher in Co.Clare. I went there with my family while they were visiting Ireland. Scenery is beautiful there and it’s a lovely place for a holiday.

Q: Favourite food?

Andrea: Lasagna

Marbella: Pizza and Pasta


Q: Do you prefer: Coffee or tea?

Both: COFFEE!!!

Q: Girls after our own hearts there. Now, what’s on your bucket list?

Andrea: Travelling around the world, there is soooo much out there to see and do out there.

Marbella: To have a baby with my husband.

Q: Do you have any fun facts about yourself?

Andrea: I’m crazy about animals, I love them! I could spend all my time playing with them. Even on the pier here I can’t stop looking at all the cute dogs running about, I literally love all animals.

Marbella: I collect cartoons phone cases.

Q: If you were to compare yourselves to famous sisters on TV who would they be?

This is an easy one, it would have to be Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Andrea would be Elsa the more mature one and Marbella would have to be Anna running around the place with heaps of energy.

Q: Maybe next time we can get a rendition of ‘Let it go’ from the pair! Okay, last question – what’s your favourite thing about doing the same job as your sister?

 That we can share feelings, activities and experiences together.

I loved catching up with Marbella and Andrea, I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in a LONG time! If you’ve got any other questions you want to ask the rock-loving, animal fanatic pair, let us know in the comments below and we’ll ask them! Even if it’s just to find out what happened with the yellow cleaning cloths….