Meet Michaeila one of our top Dublin cleaners!

In the midst of thunder and rain, I met with the lovely Michaeila in KC Peaches (one of our favourite cafe’s) over mochas and smoothies to talk about her plans to go to Paris, what movie she’s dying to see this summer, and how she juggles family life, work and college!

Q: So Michaela, you’ve been with since January, what was it that made you apply?

Michaeila: I started studying Business in college and I knew I needed a part time job. I needed something that was flexible though so I could work around my classes and my son. I stumbled across when I was looking for cleaning work and I thought this looks perfect! I didn’t even think I’d hear back, but then you guys got in touch straight away and I guess you can say the rest is history.

Q: Gosh, that’s a lot to juggle, has lived up to your expectations?

Michaeila: Absolutely, I really like the way the company works, it really suits my lifestyle, because I’m just so busy with college and family. It’s so flexible and I also find it’s a safer way to be self employed, as I know that if anything goes wrong are there to help. It all just works so well.

IMG_2528 (1)

Michaeila enjoying a mocha in KC Peaches


Q: Sounds like you don’t have much free time, but tell us, what’s your favourite thing to do when you do?

Michaeila: I love going to the pictures, I went to see the new Fast and Furious movie the other day, and I actually thought it was brilliant! I didn’t see the last two movies, but it didn’t make a difference, it was just such a great movie. I’m really looking forward to the San Andreas movie because it has the Rock in it, I love him!

Q: Speaking of the Rock, I’ve heard you’re quite the fitness fanatic yourself, what do you do to keep fit?

Michaeila: At the moment, I’ve started this new training program. It’s called Gymtrition, and basically a chef cooks all your meals using healthy and fresh ingredients and then it gets delivered straight to your front door. So no going out for food for me! The only thing is it can be hard to stick to, because some days I just want cake or a takeaway (which are my weaknesses!)

Q: Ours too! Cleaning must help burn off some of those treats though, tell me what’s your top tip cleaning tip?

Michaeila: Actually this is my Mam’s (shhh..I’ll claim it as my own). Sugar Soap, it’s brilliant for cleaning windows, and it’s good for getting rid of paint splashes, I’d definitely recommend getting some in if you’re planning on decorating. It takes it all away.

Q: As we are nearing the Summer (not that you can tell in this weather), do you have any special plans for the summer?

Michaeila: I love the summer because I love bringing my son to the beach and the park. I also I have a MASSIVE family, so we all love to have the family over for summer BBQ’s!

I’m actually heading away to Spain in August with my friends, I’m really looking forward to that. Then in September, I’m bringing my son to Disneyland Paris! I think I’m more excited about it than he is! I can’t wait to go see the Eiffel Tower too!


IMG_2537 (1)

Michaeila and I


Q: Quite a busy Summer you have planned, I’m a little bit jealous. As you seem like quite the jet setter, where would your dream destination be? 

Michaeila: Oh, I’d love to go to Dubai, it seems like a really glamorous place and the beaches look incredible. It just seems quite different to the holidays I’ve been on before, I’ve never been that far afield and one of my friends went recently and she couldn’t stop talking about it. I definitely had holiday envy (don’t tell her that though!)

Q: Last question, I promise….If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only bring 3 things with you, what would you bring?

Michaeila: Well I’d bring my son, obviously! I think I’d also bring a laptop and the internet (let’s hope there’s plugs)! Then I could google some desert island recipes and then try and cook up some cactus or coconut concoction.


It’s been lovely catching up with you Michaeila, we really appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to feature in our blog and we hope you have an amazing Summer!